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Jan 2016

First and foremost let me translate the name of the blog. Moriri wa Tshego = Tshego's hair, moriri being hair in Sesotho.

I am Tshego, a twenty-something year old trying to find her place in the blogosphere...
I am a mother of 1, work a full time job and enjoy playing with both our hairs.

I will be sharing my experiences with my hair and beauty products, something almost every girl enjoys playing with. 

Jan 2014
I think I will just brief you about my hair journey as well. I have had my hair for 2 and half years now and I feel like I have not had any improvement according to what I have seen on you tube lol...

I had a Mohawk and then continued to big chop from there. I really enjoyed the days when my hair was just a centimeter long. I'd just roll it and have a dreadlocks look. 

Mohawk days
June 2013
I had my hair mostly in braids and sow ins, I did a weave twice within that period. I have not developed a routine till this day it has all been trial and error when I started I did not even know about the YouTube tutorials or hair blogs, I just missed having my afro back.

My hair grew very fast during my pregnancy and it became very thick as well. After that I just kept on continuing with my prenatal supplements to avoid the shedding that most people complain about after pregnancy and it worked for me at least that's what I think. 

And that is my story, so now I am still looking for a routine...

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