Friday, 19 May 2017

Nilotiqa and Akan Organics Product Review

Hello lovelies.

You are probably thinking not another product review! I will do a hair related post next I promise. How are you doing? I am doing great, like Tabitha says ''I have found yellow"', it has been a great part of the journey in my life right now and that usually means that I am somewhat busy and the blog falls behind, BUT I have not forgotten you.

Nilotiqa Replenishing Conditioner and Akan Liquid African Black Soap

So these two products that I am going to be telling you about are local products and I got them from BeautyOnTapp . They were having a hair challenge which ended in April and I have mentioned it briefly here. During the challenge they were having free delivery specials so I took to the opportunity to try out the most acclaimed Nilotiqa hair conditioner and I have always wanted to try out black soap in a liquid form so this provided me the perfect opportunity.

Akan Liquid African Black Soap
I am almost out of the black soap and I need to restock asap! This soap is amazing, that's all I have to say. I am kidding, one thing that stands out for me is that it lasted longer than I expected, they suggest to use it within  three months of purchase and I am still within that range. The reason this stood out for me is because the soap is in a liquid form and does not spray, I expected myself to make a mess out of it and to use too much of it without having control of how much comes out of it but non of that happened. The packaging works well. I have not experienced any form of drying that most people complain about when using African Black soap, however I have experienced an amazing less oily skin. My pores have been behaving and I am starting to use it on my back which is very oily as well. It works amazing as a shampoo too, the lathering is out of this world. You would expect little to non from a natural product but I was blown away. Lastly the lemon essential oil gives this soap a lovely scent. You can find it on BeautyOnTapp or on Akan Organics website for purchase. It retails for R100 and it is worth every rand darling!

Nilotiqa Replenishing Conditioner
The hype around this product is so much so that I had to buy and see what is it all about! I am not sure hey. I am not a fan of the scent, and it lingers. A lot of people said that it smells amazing but not for me, I don't understand it. On the bright side, the conditioner works great at restoring moisture into the hair that I can vouch for! For the first time I could tell that my hair was holding moisture after conditioning right through to the next day. I noticed that it contains some protein in it but it does not have any strengthening effects on my hair even after three uses. Be aware of this if your hair is protein sensitive it might have a different effect. This retails on Nilotiqa's website, but I bought it from BOTapp for R100.

All in all I am happy with this purchase and I would buy them again. I was far more impressed with service delivery that I got from BOTapp, it was lovely and I got my products very fast.Please tell what you would like to see on Moriri Wa Tshego. And forgive me for my inconsistencies, I love you and the support that you are giving me. Until next post God bless...

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