Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Catching up with Fro! Hello 2017.

Hello Lovelies,

lovely way of hiding bad hair day
I have missed you so much, I know I have been quiet for too long and I promise it won't happen again this space is important to me. I get to share with you. I have been busy and delaying to edit the post and then got more busy and found no time anymore. So I will be dedicating time even if it's 10min a day just for you.(note to self: time management)

How have you been doing? What are your hair/skin/life goals this year? And how are you going to maintain them? Do you already have a plan drafted out?
Too many questions neh? Forgive me but I just found myself swamped with a lot of things on my plate that I have been asking for and did not take into consideration the maintenance plan lol. I'm hoping you're not in the same boat of juggling things.

Hair! Yes hair. I will be doing some product reviews in upcoming posts, be on the look out. I don't follow trends much so nothing will be changing in my hair department this year except the hair itself growing. Expect the same hair challenge which did wonders and still doing wonders for my hair. Check out my previous post on it.
I was receiving a lot of compliments on how much my hair grew and I loved it.I did more trimming over the holidays and now I'm on the second leg of the challenge, 3 weeks in and I already miss my hair lol. Nevertheless I shall press on. I discovered a lot of nice things while I was offline but some of them I will share on Instagram.

I think this year is the year of hair challenges. I have also joined a hair challenge from BeautyOnTapp, it started on the 16 of Jan and will going on for 3 months. If you are wondering how am I gonna do two hair challenges at once,I am going to incorporate their challenge with mine.  My challenge is not detailed , it's just manipulating my hair less on a daily basis for an extended period of time. If their hair challenge requires to manipulate, I will only omit that, but everything else I should be able to do, unless I am wearing my hair out.

blow out using tension method
Here are some few tips to help you with your hair journey this year:
  •  African threading works best on properly detangled hair, as you wrap the hair keep combing or detangling to avoid the hair curling around itself. Also use a light moisturizer
  • I've probably mentioned this before but trim as often as you need too, it helps the shed hairs slide off easily and your hair will be more smoother. Also eliminates split ends travelling down the hair shaft.
  • Be gentle and have fun

I will be trying to wear my hair more stretched out this year in between my breaks using different techniques of heat less stretching. I noticed that my hair was tangle free for as long as it was stretched. Whatever I get up to I'll be sure to let you know.

I miss you all and I am working on bringing you good posts, please drop in some ideas on what you'd like me to post about.Thanks for your support, here's to another year of healthy long hair.

Until next post, God bless...

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