Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Still up and running!/ Hair growth stunt

Hello lovelies,

You know when you have not seen your favourite YouTuber in a while and you only realise that they have not been posting until you see a notification from  their channel? Maybe  I am reaching , I know this is not the same, but still let's pretend that it has been 10 days.

I am writing to you check in on you and to let you know that I am still here and have not forgotten about you.This year has been a year of learning for me and letting go of things. I have learned to be consistent(ironic right?) in my health and other areas of my life, obviously not this one but putting effort in those areas has had me neglect the blog and my social footprint. Apologies from the bottoms of my heart.
I hope this year has been good to you,how you doing?

Let me catch you up on my hair. Remember that  challenge I was embarking on same time last year? I fell off the wagon as soon as the year started, I did not know how to balance my study life and student life so my life practically became a mess. I did not have time to spend and plan for my wigs and hair style to do while protective styling. I even tried to do crochet braids with soft dread hair but that did not last long either.

I am now here a year later and still at the same length if not less and it feels very frustrating. I would have expected my hair to have at least grown somewhat , an inch or 2 more HELLO? But it has not and I am at a loss on what to do. I am thinking of trying the challenge again this time but stick to it and buy/or make wigs ahead of time.  I notice that in winter I am lazy to wash my hair, so the routine of almost washing my three times a week fell to once every two weeks and it has not taken lightly to that. I wore my hair out a lot this year, that could have also contributed to my growth stunt.

In the next coming weekend I am planning to attempt a silk press(really good flat iron procedure) on my hair , to give it a good trim and see if I can pull it off really. After that I am going to colour my hair blonde/auburn which I am really scared about considering that I have chopped off all of my coloured ends from my last dye. I will be documenting all of these activites for you and posting them on my instagram account.

My next post I will be doing product reviews and showing you what I have accumulated throughout the year in my hair stash(not much really). I am learning how to move out of this phase my hair is in and would like to get some feed back from you and advice about going through a hair growth stunt in the comment section.

Until next post God bless...

Friday, 19 May 2017

Nilotiqa and Akan Organics Product Review

Hello lovelies.

You are probably thinking not another product review! I will do a hair related post next I promise. How are you doing? I am doing great, like Tabitha says ''I have found yellow"', it has been a great part of the journey in my life right now and that usually means that I am somewhat busy and the blog falls behind, BUT I have not forgotten you.

Nilotiqa Replenishing Conditioner and Akan Liquid African Black Soap

So these two products that I am going to be telling you about are local products and I got them from BeautyOnTapp . They were having a hair challenge which ended in April and I have mentioned it briefly here. During the challenge they were having free delivery specials so I took to the opportunity to try out the most acclaimed Nilotiqa hair conditioner and I have always wanted to try out black soap in a liquid form so this provided me the perfect opportunity.

Akan Liquid African Black Soap
I am almost out of the black soap and I need to restock asap! This soap is amazing, that's all I have to say. I am kidding, one thing that stands out for me is that it lasted longer than I expected, they suggest to use it within  three months of purchase and I am still within that range. The reason this stood out for me is because the soap is in a liquid form and does not spray, I expected myself to make a mess out of it and to use too much of it without having control of how much comes out of it but non of that happened. The packaging works well. I have not experienced any form of drying that most people complain about when using African Black soap, however I have experienced an amazing less oily skin. My pores have been behaving and I am starting to use it on my back which is very oily as well. It works amazing as a shampoo too, the lathering is out of this world. You would expect little to non from a natural product but I was blown away. Lastly the lemon essential oil gives this soap a lovely scent. You can find it on BeautyOnTapp or on Akan Organics website for purchase. It retails for R100 and it is worth every rand darling!

Nilotiqa Replenishing Conditioner
The hype around this product is so much so that I had to buy and see what is it all about! I am not sure hey. I am not a fan of the scent, and it lingers. A lot of people said that it smells amazing but not for me, I don't understand it. On the bright side, the conditioner works great at restoring moisture into the hair that I can vouch for! For the first time I could tell that my hair was holding moisture after conditioning right through to the next day. I noticed that it contains some protein in it but it does not have any strengthening effects on my hair even after three uses. Be aware of this if your hair is protein sensitive it might have a different effect. This retails on Nilotiqa's website, but I bought it from BOTapp for R100.

All in all I am happy with this purchase and I would buy them again. I was far more impressed with service delivery that I got from BOTapp, it was lovely and I got my products very fast.Please tell what you would like to see on Moriri Wa Tshego. And forgive me for my inconsistencies, I love you and the support that you are giving me. Until next post God bless...

Monday, 17 April 2017

Miss Jessie's Transitioner's Magic from Kinky Moriri

Hello lovelies,

Mpho added some extra touches, this is the card that
came with the product more on Instagram
I am always looking for new opportunities to give my blog some more views and to bring you information. I contacted Kinky Moriri to be one of the bloggers who will be doing product reviews for them, they gave me the chance and now here we are. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for trusting me with this.  **I did not buy this product it was sent to me by Kinky Moriri

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? I have a lot of good things to say about Miss Jessie’s Transitioner’s Magic. What is it? That answer will surely depend on what you want to use it as, but the main aim of the product is for people who are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. This should help soften the new growth to make it easier to maintain the different textures. You can also use it as a leave-in conditioner and a styling cream, it also states that you can use it for a wash-n-go (I am yet to try this). The product boasts of a lot of amazing oils and other nutrient dense ingredients like spirulina and pumpkin seed extract (side eye), maybe this should be a hair supplement lol.

Product description: It is a creamy substance that is cream in colour. A little bit runny in consistency so be careful not spill or let it slip off your finger (it happened to me). It smells like custard, I almost licked it off my hands, I am lying. It comes in a tube container. It is not a local product, "made in the USA”, best thing is that no animals were harmed during the manufacturing process so they have a “no animal testing” logo on it. Another best thing is that it consists of certified organic ingredients *my inner naturalista dances for this*.

Product Use: I used this mainly as a leave-in for both Mpho and I. Our hair loves it. I have used it on both dry and wet hair. I prefer using it on dry hair though, it serves as a moisturiser better that way on both our hairs. When my hair was wet it would have a wash-n-go effect on it which I liked but not so crazy about, the hair curls quite tightly and dries very quickly before I can detangle. I witnessed curls in my hair for the first time without a conditioner. I first thought that this would be more suitable for looser textures(3c,4a) but it worked great on my texture, I definitely understand how it could work for people who are transitioning because it does really moisturise the hair and helps a lot with detangling.
Pros: The thing I liked the most about this product was how moisturising it is. I only apply it twice a week and my hair has been maintaining the moisture without fail. That is a winner on its own. It has a lot of slip, great for detangling on wet or dry hair. And you don’t have to use a lot of it, a little goes a long way. Plus it smells amazing. It will leave your hair feeling soft for days, especially after a blow dry.

Cons: It is very expensive! You are going to have to be on a free budget for this one, but it makes up for it because you won’t use too much of it. It feels very heavy for me, so if your hair likes heavy products then this is for you. You would not think that since it is light in consistency. My daughter’s hair loves heavy products so this would be a pro for her. It also feels slimy in my hands, I am guessing that is what provides the slip, but I always have to wipe or rinse my hands to remove it so that I can be able to use tools to continue styling. I know that this looks like a very long paragraph but the pros outweigh the cons by a quarter mile lol. It causes hair to shrink quite fast though and the packaging says and I quote “prevent curl shrinkage”, this did not happen.

Conclusion: This product is available at Kinky Moriri, they are a South African online store and they have other products from the Miss Jessie’s line, it retails for R455 *squirm*. I am hoping to be using it for the next 2 months while I am saving to buy it again. I know it looks like I have a lot of cons but anything that helps my hair retain moisture is a win to me especially during this drought in Cape Town. I definitely recommend this product to those who can afford it . If you have tried it or any other products from Miss Jessie’s, please comment down below and let us know what your experience has been like. Be on the lookout for a video review.

Until next post, God bless…

Thursday, 16 March 2017

My Natural Hair and Afro-Botanics Review

Hello my bff,

How are you doing? I owe you big time! I apologise for my absence, I announced on Instagram that I will be a bit offline due to my studies and work. I thought I should squeeze in a minute and let you in on what’s happening in my life(hair and beauty life). Sit back and relax, it may take a while.

I am going to go right in to a product review of two brands. My Natural Hair and Afrobotanics. I bought these myself, they were not sponsored and I am doing this review out of my own free will.

My Natural Hair
Let’s start with the goodies. I bought two products from this brand which are the Moisturising Butter and a Hydra-ting Conditioner.
Moisturising Butter: This is a definite goodie for me. This butter has become my gateway drug to hair butters for my daughter’s hair lol. I occasionally use it on my hair. Her hair loves thick products and I have noticed that this butter does wonders for it. It smell a bit too strong but it works so we will suffer that for now. It is very creamy in texture and feels cool to the touch. You can add it to dry hair and it will moisturise it like magic, that's how I fell in love with it. It also seals very well. I recommend this butter, I hope other butters deliver to this expectation.

Hydrating Conditioner: I was rather disappointed with this product(I am easy to please), as I was sold by the ingredients, a mixture of protein and moisture wouldn’t hurt, so I bought it with high hopes, I mean a conditioner is a holy grail for a naturalista. I am sure you can imagine how heart breaking it was for my expectations to be turned down. I used it a little on Mpho’s hair and it seemed to agree with it just a little. The scent is the same as the butter’s one. The consistency is like that of Tresemme Naturals (if you have used it), not runny not thick, just in between. It had no slip and after 10 minutes(they suggest 3 minutes) on, my hair still felt the same in texture after a shampoo. I don’t want to discourage you from buying this just because it did not work on my hair. I am sure there are people who swear by it. I hate buying something and let it collect dust. I will probably just use it to co-wash our hair.

If I have not mentioned these products before here, then I am now.  I have raved about them on twitter and Instagram as well. The products are the leave-in conditioner and the super growth oil. These two work well together.
Nehanda Moisturising Leave-in Conditioner: The name is long lol, my hair loves this product, it is almost finished and I am aiming to get another one, with all the hair product specials happening at Clicks. I use it every day, it moisturises my edges when wearing a protective style and when I am wearing my hair out it serves as a daily moisturiser. My hair dries out pretty quickly. It is thick for a conditioner but it melts once you apply it to the hair. It smells just right. I don’t have anything bad to say about this product. It is also very light, and leaves hair feeling fluffy when you have blow-dried it or did African threading according to my hair.

Super Hair Growth Oil: I am not sure where I stand with this really. Yes it works well with the conditioner as a sealant but on its own I am not quite sure. They smell the same, so I love the scent. It has a cooling effect on the scalp, works well when your hair is freshly done(corn rows/braids) and your scalp is a little bit sore especially when you are tender headed like me. It is quite thick and the oils can separate sometimes, that happened to mine. I don’t use it often as I prefer my oils to be in liquid form. Hope I will when I finish my liquid castor oil. I have read amazing reviews about it though, don’t let me discourage you from trying it out. I will update about it in the future, probably on Instagram.

Natural Kiddies 3-in-1 Spray: I think I have written about this before but I will again because it is in the pictures lol. The first time I bought this spray I was in desperate need of moisturising Mpho’s hair and they had just stocked it at the nearest Game and I went. It worked very well then, because I used it very frequently on her hair and mine at times. Now I don’t use it that often because I have other products. The consistency of the product is too thick for the spray nozzle, I have to water it down a little to make it spray and to make it absorb better on her hair. I have noticed that without the aid of water it does not absorb or it takes longer to, and then it moisturises very well after that. I normally use it for on the go moisturizing and for detangling before washing, it serves as a good detangler.

So far I am loving the majority of the products that I am using, Afrobotanics has made a name for themselves kudos to them. I would repurchase most of them from both the brands, I have noticed that sometimes you have to alter the product to work for you. Not all of them will work the way they are supposed to on every head of hair. What is in your current stash? Add some of the things you love about the products that I have mentioned if you have used them.

Until next post, God bless…

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Catching up with Fro! Hello 2017.

Hello Lovelies,

lovely way of hiding bad hair day
I have missed you so much, I know I have been quiet for too long and I promise it won't happen again this space is important to me. I get to share with you. I have been busy and delaying to edit the post and then got more busy and found no time anymore. So I will be dedicating time even if it's 10min a day just for you.(note to self: time management)

How have you been doing? What are your hair/skin/life goals this year? And how are you going to maintain them? Do you already have a plan drafted out?
Too many questions neh? Forgive me but I just found myself swamped with a lot of things on my plate that I have been asking for and did not take into consideration the maintenance plan lol. I'm hoping you're not in the same boat of juggling things.

Hair! Yes hair. I will be doing some product reviews in upcoming posts, be on the look out. I don't follow trends much so nothing will be changing in my hair department this year except the hair itself growing. Expect the same hair challenge which did wonders and still doing wonders for my hair. Check out my previous post on it.
I was receiving a lot of compliments on how much my hair grew and I loved it.I did more trimming over the holidays and now I'm on the second leg of the challenge, 3 weeks in and I already miss my hair lol. Nevertheless I shall press on. I discovered a lot of nice things while I was offline but some of them I will share on Instagram.

I think this year is the year of hair challenges. I have also joined a hair challenge from BeautyOnTapp, it started on the 16 of Jan and will going on for 3 months. If you are wondering how am I gonna do two hair challenges at once,I am going to incorporate their challenge with mine.  My challenge is not detailed , it's just manipulating my hair less on a daily basis for an extended period of time. If their hair challenge requires to manipulate, I will only omit that, but everything else I should be able to do, unless I am wearing my hair out.

blow out using tension method
Here are some few tips to help you with your hair journey this year:
  •  African threading works best on properly detangled hair, as you wrap the hair keep combing or detangling to avoid the hair curling around itself. Also use a light moisturizer
  • I've probably mentioned this before but trim as often as you need too, it helps the shed hairs slide off easily and your hair will be more smoother. Also eliminates split ends travelling down the hair shaft.
  • Be gentle and have fun

I will be trying to wear my hair more stretched out this year in between my breaks using different techniques of heat less stretching. I noticed that my hair was tangle free for as long as it was stretched. Whatever I get up to I'll be sure to let you know.

I miss you all and I am working on bringing you good posts, please drop in some ideas on what you'd like me to post about.Thanks for your support, here's to another year of healthy long hair.

Until next post, God bless...