Friday, 23 December 2016

Hair Challenge done, goodbye 2016!

Hello lovelie,

It has been a minute, and we are about to end the year can you believe it? I hope 2016 has not been as blue as it has for most people and I surely do hope you will end it with a bang!

So many things to say and so little time? Whatever I forget I will tell in the coming year, I think this is gonna be my last post for the year. Have a merry blessed Christmas and a happy New Year! Now back to hair.
Remember my hair challenge? Yes that one! It is done, a little bit early I know but I had missed my hair so much I could not wait another week longer, hope you forgive me. I took off the hair a week early and boy was it a struggle, I was taking advantage of the long weekend since it was a public holiday on a Friday.

I might go back and forth with you, telling you about the journey. First up the routine was simple and I spoke about it in the previous post how I maintained my corn rows. I continuously did that for the whole of 7 weeks! Congratulate me please, I stuck it out. Taking down the hair took me 2 days, detangling included. I feel like King Kong the way my arms are so sore still a week later.
To unravel the corn rows I saturated my hair with my oil mix(olive oil, castor oil and avocado oil), and wore a plastic cap for 2 hours. Then I put more oil on my fingers before touching the hair, as I was unraveling the hair, whenever I hit a knot or a matted area I added more oil to lubricate the hair and make it slippery. I would immediately detangle the hair with my fingers in detail to take out all the shed hairs. If you have me on Instagram I posted a picture with the hair that was shed on it. I repeated this process for the entire head until it was all tangle free(at least).

My hair at this stage did not feel dry for those three days to my surprise, I expected it to dry up as the days went by because I was avoiding to sprits and have it tangle again. I washed my scalp and hair with the medicated shampoo and did an overnight conditioning treatment with Palmer's Protein Pack mixed with the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale conditioner. I was disappointed with these two together , they had no slip whatsoever. I was struggling to detangle (I detangled again with a comb), maybe they work better separately I don't know, and my mistake here as well was not adding oil to the conditioners. Immediately after rinsing the conditioner, I applied oil to my hair and then wrapped with a cotton shirt to dry.

My verdict:
My hair feels amazing! I am definitely continuing with this challenge and with the castor oil. I am considering to buy the one from Native child, after I finish the Super growth cream from Afrobotanics.
Ok Ok,let me be detailed. I did not have a lot of shedding like I expected, I  have seen worse and I am sure it looks bad to other people as well. As I have mentioned earlier on, my hair was not feeling dry, when I washed it, it soaked up water even after I shampooed it, it did not feel dried out. I should continue trying to saturate it with water twice a week where possible. Here are the things that I am definitely going to continue to do:

  • Prepoo with olive oil if your hair does not like coconut oil like mine. My hair was saturated with so much oil that it did not get dried out after I put on shampoo twice.
  • Baggy your hair at least once a week, or a day after wash day with an oil that aids with growth, I used castor oil.
  • Spray hair with plain water everyday, preferably night, unless you want to keep it stretched.

My hair has grown 4cm longer, from 15cm to 19cm I was a cm shy from 20 but hopefully next time. However I will be trimming the hair that has colour on it, because it has a lot of knots. I also realised that a lot of tangles were caused by shed hairs and finger detangling helped a lot with dragging them out, trimmed hair will help release shed hairs much better when detangling because the ends will be smooth and knot free.  During the hair break I will be trying to retain moisture, I bought afro botanics leave in conditioner and super hair growth oil to do the LCO method, where I will be using the conditioner as a cream and the oil as the oil and water as liquid.

My hair feels very strong and very thick, I hope you try out the 2nd leg with me of the protective style, which will be commencing the first week of January. I am thinking about taking the weeks down to 6 weeks, to avoid matting , though I dealt with it very well but I would rather not have it. Stay tuned on my Instagram where I will be updating if I am keeping the hair in for 6 weeks or not.

Until next post, have a lovely end of year and God bless...

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