Friday, 23 December 2016

Hair Challenge done, goodbye 2016!

Hello lovelie,

It has been a minute, and we are about to end the year can you believe it? I hope 2016 has not been as blue as it has for most people and I surely do hope you will end it with a bang!

So many things to say and so little time? Whatever I forget I will tell in the coming year, I think this is gonna be my last post for the year. Have a merry blessed Christmas and a happy New Year! Now back to hair.
Remember my hair challenge? Yes that one! It is done, a little bit early I know but I had missed my hair so much I could not wait another week longer, hope you forgive me. I took off the hair a week early and boy was it a struggle, I was taking advantage of the long weekend since it was a public holiday on a Friday.

I might go back and forth with you, telling you about the journey. First up the routine was simple and I spoke about it in the previous post how I maintained my corn rows. I continuously did that for the whole of 7 weeks! Congratulate me please, I stuck it out. Taking down the hair took me 2 days, detangling included. I feel like King Kong the way my arms are so sore still a week later.
To unravel the corn rows I saturated my hair with my oil mix(olive oil, castor oil and avocado oil), and wore a plastic cap for 2 hours. Then I put more oil on my fingers before touching the hair, as I was unraveling the hair, whenever I hit a knot or a matted area I added more oil to lubricate the hair and make it slippery. I would immediately detangle the hair with my fingers in detail to take out all the shed hairs. If you have me on Instagram I posted a picture with the hair that was shed on it. I repeated this process for the entire head until it was all tangle free(at least).

My hair at this stage did not feel dry for those three days to my surprise, I expected it to dry up as the days went by because I was avoiding to sprits and have it tangle again. I washed my scalp and hair with the medicated shampoo and did an overnight conditioning treatment with Palmer's Protein Pack mixed with the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale conditioner. I was disappointed with these two together , they had no slip whatsoever. I was struggling to detangle (I detangled again with a comb), maybe they work better separately I don't know, and my mistake here as well was not adding oil to the conditioners. Immediately after rinsing the conditioner, I applied oil to my hair and then wrapped with a cotton shirt to dry.

My verdict:
My hair feels amazing! I am definitely continuing with this challenge and with the castor oil. I am considering to buy the one from Native child, after I finish the Super growth cream from Afrobotanics.
Ok Ok,let me be detailed. I did not have a lot of shedding like I expected, I  have seen worse and I am sure it looks bad to other people as well. As I have mentioned earlier on, my hair was not feeling dry, when I washed it, it soaked up water even after I shampooed it, it did not feel dried out. I should continue trying to saturate it with water twice a week where possible. Here are the things that I am definitely going to continue to do:

  • Prepoo with olive oil if your hair does not like coconut oil like mine. My hair was saturated with so much oil that it did not get dried out after I put on shampoo twice.
  • Baggy your hair at least once a week, or a day after wash day with an oil that aids with growth, I used castor oil.
  • Spray hair with plain water everyday, preferably night, unless you want to keep it stretched.

My hair has grown 4cm longer, from 15cm to 19cm I was a cm shy from 20 but hopefully next time. However I will be trimming the hair that has colour on it, because it has a lot of knots. I also realised that a lot of tangles were caused by shed hairs and finger detangling helped a lot with dragging them out, trimmed hair will help release shed hairs much better when detangling because the ends will be smooth and knot free.  During the hair break I will be trying to retain moisture, I bought afro botanics leave in conditioner and super hair growth oil to do the LCO method, where I will be using the conditioner as a cream and the oil as the oil and water as liquid.

My hair feels very strong and very thick, I hope you try out the 2nd leg with me of the protective style, which will be commencing the first week of January. I am thinking about taking the weeks down to 6 weeks, to avoid matting , though I dealt with it very well but I would rather not have it. Stay tuned on my Instagram where I will be updating if I am keeping the hair in for 6 weeks or not.

Until next post, have a lovely end of year and God bless...

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Protective Style Challenge Update 1 30days

Hey you,
I tried though right?

On the 31st of October I decided to sit and do my corn rows till midnight lol, my arms were sore the whole week that week but I am happy with the outcome!

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, I have come up with a protective style challenge where I will be keeping corn rows on my hair for 8 weeks which should be 60 days and you can read more about it here. So it has been officially a month now and I miss playing with my hair lol, I really do though so another 4 weeks is a long stretch *tear drop*.

I have been washing my hair twice a week and sometimes 3 times a week depending on my scalp. I started washing with the vegetable soap once a week for the first 2 weeks and the 3rd wash would be with shampoo. Then for the past 2 weeks it has been water wash twice and then the soap once which would fall on the weekend.

posted this on my instagram
After washing my hair, I thoroughly rinse it, I run a good amount of water through the hair so that no soap or shampoo is left and then I seal with oil(avocado oil, olive oil and castor oil), or sometimes apply some leave in conditioner and seal. But mostly I have been just sealing with oil after washing. I baggy my hair the night before wash day which is the day in between wash days. For example if I wash my hair on a Monday then I would baggy Tuesday night. If this happens before wash day, I oil my hair and then baggy all night.
Bagging the hair has been amazing! Bagging hair is wearing a plastic bag or plastic shower cap on your head, it creates a greenhouse effect and helps your hair with moisture retention. That is moisture galore, I can feel the hairs that have freed themselves are very soft. When the hair is in corn rows, there is hair that is hidden in between and this helps the moisture reach that hair.

The first week I was wearing head wraps, looking all submissive. Then the second week I was wearing a wig, the one that I created on this post. For the past 2 weeks I made a new wig, check it out on Instagram, the people are loving it! I might just get into business soon. I will be wearing it for the next 2 weeks and then maybe head wraps again on the final week and take down time! I can’t wait to see the results, I can feel the growth already and my inner naturalista is jumping up and down (the corn rows are hidden now).

hiding the corn rows underneath this lovely wig

That's it from me. Let me know how far you are, if you have joined or if you are still considering to join me. The time is moving fast, but not for the hair. Patience is key ladies and I am learning this in every aspect of my life. Most important thing is to enjoy the moment you are in.

Until next post, God bless…