Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wet/Dry de-tangling!

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So wet or dry de-tangling? First of all what is to de-tangle? Our hair tangles(hugs itself or other strands) when it grows out, and tangling tends to happen a lot when the hair grows longer. De-tangling is separating the strands so that the hair does not end up locking but it grows out singularly. I hope I am making sense!

What is the difference between dry and wet de-tangling?
Dry de-tangling is separating the hair strands while the hair is dry, you can use oil, it is advised to use oil so that there is lubrication for the hairs to slip from each other without breaking. This is usually done with fingers, so in essence dry de-tangling goes with finger de-tangling to avoid snagging that a comb brings with. Dry hair snap very easily so this needs very gentle and delicate hands.

Wet de-tangling is quite the opposite, your hair would be wet when this is done. I would recommend using a conditioner to aid with it, helps the comb slide right through and if you swear by finger de-tangling only , I think this makes the process faster. You can either saturate your hair with just conditioner or add water then condition and then de-tangle. 

My opinion:
My favourite is wet de-tangling, I tried to do dry de-tangling but half way through washing then I would have to de-tangle again, and I found that my hair responds to wet de-tangling much better, maybe it is because it is close to the end of my wash. I dry de-tangle when I have had a long term protective style with warmed oil just to remove shed hairs, and then I would de-tangle again during my deep conditioning. I use a comb when wet de-tangling , I don't experience any alarming breakage, the trick is to be gentle. It has taken me a while to be gentle though. I would comb from the end and work up to the roots.

I find that they are both beneficial, I am lazy and would love to finish doing my hair quickly hence I prefer the wet de-tangling with a comb. I also find that the comb will take out hairs that I may have missed and it keeps my roots from matting, I am not sure how to explain that. When my hair dries my roots become very compact if they were not combed and it would be hard to part the hair when styling, but if combed first then I don't encounter this. I think this is influenced by the angle the hair grows from the scalp so combing it helps lift it up.

I hope this has been helpful. How do you de-tangle your hair? and what tricks do you have that has saved you and your crown?

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