Thursday, 3 November 2016

Taking care of my daughter's hair

Hey lovely,

when we have managed to get the hair done, small rubber bands are my new bffs

This post was created on the 5th of April. Can you imagine *Nigerian accent* lol. Yes and till this day I have not figured this out guys. I don't know how are other moms doing it out there but for me it is a real struggle. 

How are you doing?? I care about you, comment down below how you are doing and hopefully help me with this struggle lol. 
My daughter has beautiful hair, more than mine I think. I love my hair, don't take this the wrong way! I am sure any mother would say that about their child though. but really she has beautiful thick hair with different textures , dark in colour. I just love playing with it whenever I can.

Hair breakdown:
Yes, her hair has two textures. The middle hair has loose curls and the rest of the head has tight curls. It is more curly than it is coily.  She has high porosity hair where the curls are tight and the middle part is more like normal porosity since it takes longer to dry than then rest.
Her hair loves thick heavy products. Light oils and moisturisers don't do anything, it looks thirsty within a minute lol, and this I noticed at an early stage thankfully. It is still short.

  • High porosity and normal porosity
  • two textures
  • thick
that sums up all I need to know to be able to take care of it for now. And boy does it tangle and knot, I know this happens because she does not sleep with a head-wrap and it would not stay put because she is spider-man when she is sleeping.

LO' hair on wash day!

I wash her hair with shampoo every 2 weeks, her scalp gets dried out very quickly. Then I condition her head with the Johnson's conditioner and co-wash every other week that I am not shampooing. Then I seal it with either olive oil,castor oil and/or shea butter, whichever is the closest at the time. Wash day is a fight, I think she does not like the water running down her face, so I am looking for that cap that stops water from running down her face when we are washing her hair. I am really hoping it will help. oh, I also spritz it with water and oil everyday at night lol.
I have tried doing a mud wash on her using Bentonite clay and her hair  like it just that it so messy with boss lady also trying to play with mud! I only kept it on her hair for about 6 minutes and then rinsed it out and conditioned the hair afterwards. But I intend on using it more than shampoo.

I am still struggling to put moisture in this girls hair, yoh!! I am really trying though, at some point I was using Afro-Botanics kids hair spray and it was doing something so I am going to purchase it and see where it takes us. Her hair is currently in twist and I sometimes leave it in puffs which attracts a lot of lint(thinking about this frustrates me). Any helpful advice and tips would be appreciated.

Until next post, God bless...

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