Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Local Hair products to support 2

Hello lovely,

Just though I should do a quick post for you, so that you don't forget about me.

I am ever so tempted to go buy the next product at my local Clicks or Dischem (Dark and lovely is not making it easy hey) and then I remind myself there are willing South Africans out there who are in need of my support and this platform is also another way of getting them known and spreading the love. I am sure some of them you have heard of and some you have probably seen on TV.

If you have not seen them on TV then you are seeing them here. This brand has been flooding my timeline on Instagram since I am following a natural hair movement and I have been hearing good things about it. And as usual I am always on the lookout for local brands. I just wish they were readily available in Cape Town. I have also been eyeing their detangler, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Nature's Wishlist
They claim to be the "Providers of affordable shea butter in Johannesburg, South Africa", judging by their prices I think they are for raw shea butter also considering I buy mine for R80 for 100ml( I don't know the diff between 1ml and 1g, so theirs is 250g),judging from the site it is still a lot compared to what I get and what I have seen. They also have a whipped shea butter which is mixed with other oils like castor oil and the likes which is only for the hair. I found them while trolling on Instagram and went to check out their website.

True Curls

They have mainly two products in adults and kids range. A spray/spritz and a butter/cream. I like the fact there is product separate for kids. I have not heard much about the product from my circle of people, but as I was in search for local production I found them and you can also check out their testimonials page and be the judge.

I can't wait for the day they open a salon in Cape Town so that I can take my baby there for a treat. They are a no heat no combs salon in Joburg. I am eyeing their clay cleanser for kids as my daughter's scalp is not fond of shampoo. Their prices though! Sigh! They too have a separate line for adults and kids. You can go ahead and check them, maybe visit them when you are in Jozi.

Rockin Naturals

I don't know how did I bump into this, life of a blogger! But I could be saving a head of hair out there. I think I was interested in the wedding pictures in the blog part and then checked out the store. What is different here is that they have gels, aloe vera and flaxseed. They also have a shampoo and butters of course.

Almost every product line has a butter in it, so that you would have to be on some experiment to test the difference. I could be wrong to assume that every natural loves a good conditioner, cause I sure do and not all of these products in today's list have conditioners.
One thing I think I have an itch about is the pricing, gee, the cost plus shipping eish! Rockin Naturals seem to be fairly priced and Nature's Wishlist, but to each their own. And on that note, if you want to make some extra cash while helping our local brands you can contact True Curls, Nilotiqa and Nature's Wishlist to be their distributor, this helps sharpen some entrepreneurship skills.

This was nice and short for me. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next post, God bless...

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