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African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range**

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Classic Care Range

I was given the opportunity to try and test these products for 2 weeks by Beauty Bulletin and I though why not share the review with you guys. Best part about this is that it comes with a video, lol scroll down below you will find it. BB should make me do more reviews so that I can get over my video phobia.

How you doing! It is the weekend baby!

Without further ado, here is how it all went.The one thing that stands out for me is the Cleansing lotion. I have been pumping it day in and out. I am not one to follow the instructions written at the back to the T, besides using it twice a day. I will go ahead with the regimen and explain in detail how I felt about the individual products afterwards.

Wash routine
I would apply the lotion on my face, like I am lathering it up and leave it on for a few seconds and then rinse it off with warm water. My skin is very sensitive, so I am not a fan of wiping off with cotton wool or anything. Then I would pat it dry (damp rather) and then use the Classic Toner which will be at night and on areas I feel I need it. I would then apply the Classic Tissue Oil, just one squirt and rub it on my skin until absorbed. At night I finish off with my shea butter as they do not have a night cream and then in the morning I would apply the Classic Day Cream in circular motions like they suggest. Now that you get the gist here is my breakdown of each product.

Classic Cleansing Lotion
It smells amazing. I think they all smell the same except the tissue oil. It feels like a lotion, consistency of a lotion and texture. It applies well, considering I smeared it on my face lol. It does not dry it out at all and rinses off well as well as cleanses to my surprise. I love this.
Cleansing lotion

Classic Toner
I am not a toner fan as my skin dries out very quickly yet it is oily. It smells the same as the lotion, does not dry out the skin or leave it feeling tight like they say. I would change the packaging of both the bottles (lotion and toner) because of screwing the top on and off, sometimes I have lotion all over my hands it would be nice to just pop it back. That is the only set back I have thus far. I now use it twice a day as I have noticed that it helps maintain the moisture balance bt I limit it on my forehead.

Classic Day Cream SPF
I am not sure how I feel about this one lol. Well I like the fact that it does not make my skin shiny and does not feel heavy. So it is not greasy. The cream is a bit on the thick side but applies well and smells like the other two. I like the packaging as it gives control over how much you can squeeze out. I realised that if I use it before the oil it absorbs very fast, don't take too much of your time on one spot doing circular motions.

Classic Tissue Oil
Another of my favourite in this range, comes second after the lotion. I love tissue oils and if it moisturises my skin without grease then it is a keep. That is exactly what I got from this oil. When you read the box, they tell you that it can used for the whole body from head to toe and I have been doing that. I have been using it to seal my hair and oil my scalp and moisturise my body! The consistency is a bit thick for my liking but I get by with it. I like the herbal scent and the pump /spray bottle, makes life easy. I would definitely stock this for the price.

Overall I have enjoyed using these products, my skin feels more plump and hydrated. I wish I had this throughout winter it would be a good regimen minus the toner, the toner for me is more useful in summer. I also noticed that my blackheads were coming out which I doubted would happen. Marks wise, I have not noticed a difference maybe in the long run I will. I like the ingredients in all of the products, no parabens or mineral oil, this meant a lot to me and it is endorsed by beauty without cruelty meaning that they don't do animal testing. This is a good example that products in the same range are formulated to work together. Nothing beats these prices, especially the tissue oil, so the pocket won’t get hurt here. The whole range costs abot R250 with each product priced at
  • Classic Cleansing lotion R60
  • Classic Toner R60
  • Classic Day Cream SPF R65
  • Classic Tissue oil R65
, you can find them at your nearest Clicks or Dischem.

Here's the video review of the lotion and tissue oil.

I hope this was informative. Until next post, God bless...

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