Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Local Hair products to support 2

Hello lovely,

Just though I should do a quick post for you, so that you don't forget about me.

I am ever so tempted to go buy the next product at my local Clicks or Dischem (Dark and lovely is not making it easy hey) and then I remind myself there are willing South Africans out there who are in need of my support and this platform is also another way of getting them known and spreading the love. I am sure some of them you have heard of and some you have probably seen on TV.

If you have not seen them on TV then you are seeing them here. This brand has been flooding my timeline on Instagram since I am following a natural hair movement and I have been hearing good things about it. And as usual I am always on the lookout for local brands. I just wish they were readily available in Cape Town. I have also been eyeing their detangler, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Nature's Wishlist
They claim to be the "Providers of affordable shea butter in Johannesburg, South Africa", judging by their prices I think they are for raw shea butter also considering I buy mine for R80 for 100ml( I don't know the diff between 1ml and 1g, so theirs is 250g),judging from the site it is still a lot compared to what I get and what I have seen. They also have a whipped shea butter which is mixed with other oils like castor oil and the likes which is only for the hair. I found them while trolling on Instagram and went to check out their website.

True Curls

They have mainly two products in adults and kids range. A spray/spritz and a butter/cream. I like the fact there is product separate for kids. I have not heard much about the product from my circle of people, but as I was in search for local production I found them and you can also check out their testimonials page and be the judge.

I can't wait for the day they open a salon in Cape Town so that I can take my baby there for a treat. They are a no heat no combs salon in Joburg. I am eyeing their clay cleanser for kids as my daughter's scalp is not fond of shampoo. Their prices though! Sigh! They too have a separate line for adults and kids. You can go ahead and check them, maybe visit them when you are in Jozi.

Rockin Naturals

I don't know how did I bump into this, life of a blogger! But I could be saving a head of hair out there. I think I was interested in the wedding pictures in the blog part and then checked out the store. What is different here is that they have gels, aloe vera and flaxseed. They also have a shampoo and butters of course.

Almost every product line has a butter in it, so that you would have to be on some experiment to test the difference. I could be wrong to assume that every natural loves a good conditioner, cause I sure do and not all of these products in today's list have conditioners.
One thing I think I have an itch about is the pricing, gee, the cost plus shipping eish! Rockin Naturals seem to be fairly priced and Nature's Wishlist, but to each their own. And on that note, if you want to make some extra cash while helping our local brands you can contact True Curls, Nilotiqa and Nature's Wishlist to be their distributor, this helps sharpen some entrepreneurship skills.

This was nice and short for me. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next post, God bless...

Saturday, 12 November 2016

African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range**

Hello lovelie,

Classic Care Range

I was given the opportunity to try and test these products for 2 weeks by Beauty Bulletin and I though why not share the review with you guys. Best part about this is that it comes with a video, lol scroll down below you will find it. BB should make me do more reviews so that I can get over my video phobia.

How you doing! It is the weekend baby!

Without further ado, here is how it all went.The one thing that stands out for me is the Cleansing lotion. I have been pumping it day in and out. I am not one to follow the instructions written at the back to the T, besides using it twice a day. I will go ahead with the regimen and explain in detail how I felt about the individual products afterwards.

Wash routine
I would apply the lotion on my face, like I am lathering it up and leave it on for a few seconds and then rinse it off with warm water. My skin is very sensitive, so I am not a fan of wiping off with cotton wool or anything. Then I would pat it dry (damp rather) and then use the Classic Toner which will be at night and on areas I feel I need it. I would then apply the Classic Tissue Oil, just one squirt and rub it on my skin until absorbed. At night I finish off with my shea butter as they do not have a night cream and then in the morning I would apply the Classic Day Cream in circular motions like they suggest. Now that you get the gist here is my breakdown of each product.

Classic Cleansing Lotion
It smells amazing. I think they all smell the same except the tissue oil. It feels like a lotion, consistency of a lotion and texture. It applies well, considering I smeared it on my face lol. It does not dry it out at all and rinses off well as well as cleanses to my surprise. I love this.
Cleansing lotion

Classic Toner
I am not a toner fan as my skin dries out very quickly yet it is oily. It smells the same as the lotion, does not dry out the skin or leave it feeling tight like they say. I would change the packaging of both the bottles (lotion and toner) because of screwing the top on and off, sometimes I have lotion all over my hands it would be nice to just pop it back. That is the only set back I have thus far. I now use it twice a day as I have noticed that it helps maintain the moisture balance bt I limit it on my forehead.

Classic Day Cream SPF
I am not sure how I feel about this one lol. Well I like the fact that it does not make my skin shiny and does not feel heavy. So it is not greasy. The cream is a bit on the thick side but applies well and smells like the other two. I like the packaging as it gives control over how much you can squeeze out. I realised that if I use it before the oil it absorbs very fast, don't take too much of your time on one spot doing circular motions.

Classic Tissue Oil
Another of my favourite in this range, comes second after the lotion. I love tissue oils and if it moisturises my skin without grease then it is a keep. That is exactly what I got from this oil. When you read the box, they tell you that it can used for the whole body from head to toe and I have been doing that. I have been using it to seal my hair and oil my scalp and moisturise my body! The consistency is a bit thick for my liking but I get by with it. I like the herbal scent and the pump /spray bottle, makes life easy. I would definitely stock this for the price.

Overall I have enjoyed using these products, my skin feels more plump and hydrated. I wish I had this throughout winter it would be a good regimen minus the toner, the toner for me is more useful in summer. I also noticed that my blackheads were coming out which I doubted would happen. Marks wise, I have not noticed a difference maybe in the long run I will. I like the ingredients in all of the products, no parabens or mineral oil, this meant a lot to me and it is endorsed by beauty without cruelty meaning that they don't do animal testing. This is a good example that products in the same range are formulated to work together. Nothing beats these prices, especially the tissue oil, so the pocket won’t get hurt here. The whole range costs abot R250 with each product priced at
  • Classic Cleansing lotion R60
  • Classic Toner R60
  • Classic Day Cream SPF R65
  • Classic Tissue oil R65
, you can find them at your nearest Clicks or Dischem.

Here's the video review of the lotion and tissue oil.

I hope this was informative. Until next post, God bless...

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wet/Dry de-tangling!

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How you doin'?  I am alright, pushing the hustle on this side of life. 

So wet or dry de-tangling? First of all what is to de-tangle? Our hair tangles(hugs itself or other strands) when it grows out, and tangling tends to happen a lot when the hair grows longer. De-tangling is separating the strands so that the hair does not end up locking but it grows out singularly. I hope I am making sense!

What is the difference between dry and wet de-tangling?
Dry de-tangling is separating the hair strands while the hair is dry, you can use oil, it is advised to use oil so that there is lubrication for the hairs to slip from each other without breaking. This is usually done with fingers, so in essence dry de-tangling goes with finger de-tangling to avoid snagging that a comb brings with. Dry hair snap very easily so this needs very gentle and delicate hands.

Wet de-tangling is quite the opposite, your hair would be wet when this is done. I would recommend using a conditioner to aid with it, helps the comb slide right through and if you swear by finger de-tangling only , I think this makes the process faster. You can either saturate your hair with just conditioner or add water then condition and then de-tangle. 

My opinion:
My favourite is wet de-tangling, I tried to do dry de-tangling but half way through washing then I would have to de-tangle again, and I found that my hair responds to wet de-tangling much better, maybe it is because it is close to the end of my wash. I dry de-tangle when I have had a long term protective style with warmed oil just to remove shed hairs, and then I would de-tangle again during my deep conditioning. I use a comb when wet de-tangling , I don't experience any alarming breakage, the trick is to be gentle. It has taken me a while to be gentle though. I would comb from the end and work up to the roots.

I find that they are both beneficial, I am lazy and would love to finish doing my hair quickly hence I prefer the wet de-tangling with a comb. I also find that the comb will take out hairs that I may have missed and it keeps my roots from matting, I am not sure how to explain that. When my hair dries my roots become very compact if they were not combed and it would be hard to part the hair when styling, but if combed first then I don't encounter this. I think this is influenced by the angle the hair grows from the scalp so combing it helps lift it up.

I hope this has been helpful. How do you de-tangle your hair? and what tricks do you have that has saved you and your crown?

Until next post, God bless...

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Taking care of my daughter's hair

Hey lovely,

when we have managed to get the hair done, small rubber bands are my new bffs

This post was created on the 5th of April. Can you imagine *Nigerian accent* lol. Yes and till this day I have not figured this out guys. I don't know how are other moms doing it out there but for me it is a real struggle. 

How are you doing?? I care about you, comment down below how you are doing and hopefully help me with this struggle lol. 
My daughter has beautiful hair, more than mine I think. I love my hair, don't take this the wrong way! I am sure any mother would say that about their child though. but really she has beautiful thick hair with different textures , dark in colour. I just love playing with it whenever I can.

Hair breakdown:
Yes, her hair has two textures. The middle hair has loose curls and the rest of the head has tight curls. It is more curly than it is coily.  She has high porosity hair where the curls are tight and the middle part is more like normal porosity since it takes longer to dry than then rest.
Her hair loves thick heavy products. Light oils and moisturisers don't do anything, it looks thirsty within a minute lol, and this I noticed at an early stage thankfully. It is still short.

  • High porosity and normal porosity
  • two textures
  • thick
that sums up all I need to know to be able to take care of it for now. And boy does it tangle and knot, I know this happens because she does not sleep with a head-wrap and it would not stay put because she is spider-man when she is sleeping.

LO' hair on wash day!

I wash her hair with shampoo every 2 weeks, her scalp gets dried out very quickly. Then I condition her head with the Johnson's conditioner and co-wash every other week that I am not shampooing. Then I seal it with either olive oil,castor oil and/or shea butter, whichever is the closest at the time. Wash day is a fight, I think she does not like the water running down her face, so I am looking for that cap that stops water from running down her face when we are washing her hair. I am really hoping it will help. oh, I also spritz it with water and oil everyday at night lol.
I have tried doing a mud wash on her using Bentonite clay and her hair  like it just that it so messy with boss lady also trying to play with mud! I only kept it on her hair for about 6 minutes and then rinsed it out and conditioned the hair afterwards. But I intend on using it more than shampoo.

I am still struggling to put moisture in this girls hair, yoh!! I am really trying though, at some point I was using Afro-Botanics kids hair spray and it was doing something so I am going to purchase it and see where it takes us. Her hair is currently in twist and I sometimes leave it in puffs which attracts a lot of lint(thinking about this frustrates me). Any helpful advice and tips would be appreciated.

Until next post, God bless...