Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wig Slayage!!

Wig Slayage!
What is up?

 I can't stop laughing at my post's name, yes wig slayage. See that pic there, yes girl that is a wig that I made. And I am going to tell you all about it. I hope you are having a blessed week thus far.

Since my days of camping on YouTube, wig making tutorials are one of the most videos  I watched because wigs can be so darn expensive. I meditated on it and now I am on my 2nd wig and I am gonna keep going! 
On my first wig I did not have a mannequin head,so I made the investment to buy one and that was a good decision. It made a huge difference with how this wig came out.

I have been wearing this wig for about a week while my hair is in a 2 week old twist underneath. Like I mentioned I plan on making more to keep hiding my hair while looking good. This is a good way to keep your long term protective style hidden when it start to look fury!
If you are interested in making your own wigs, these are the tools I suggest you buy:

  • mannequin head R100
  • latch hook crochet R60
  • net wig cap (closed top) or open R20
  • and hair of your choice(cheap for first time) R60

If I exclude the cost of the head and the crochet which I bought a long time ago then this wig cost me R80, can you believe it??

Here is Dora lol, her name changes all the time, sometimes Fiona, this is my mannequin head.
The hair is by Darling, Pick & Drop Vogue

I really want to start making a braid wig like this , probably will be my next attempt. If I am brave enough I will make video tutorials for you but I am not promising anything. I won't make any sense trying to explain how to get through the wholes and using the crochet, it's best you YouTube the videos and this one would be a crochet wig.
This is the wig net, with a closed top.

This is how the hair looks, I combed it first before I picked to avoid tangling

Please let me know what you think, and what are your cheapest options for wigs?

This is during the making of the wig, big knots on the sides and the back.

And this is Dora looking pretty, yes girlfriend!

Until next post, God bless...

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