Thursday, 13 October 2016

How is October looking

Hello lovelies,

spring in my yard

Been dragging to talk to you this week, it's not you it's me lol. What could you have possibly done to me beside come here and have an occasional read? How you doing(in Wendy's voice)... I surely hope that this month has brought you some lady luck

It looks like this post is always gonna be late, it should be the first to greet you when the month starts but oh well let's get on with it. I am going to give you an update on my last month's regimen and what this month's plan has been so far(I'd rather not because I have not been a good naturalista).

If you are new, welcome, last month I posted a plan for the month here, and I carried it out quite well throughout the month. There is also an update about how I kept on with it here

SO my take down about the routine 
  • my roots came out very thick, and it could be because of a lot of factors (frequent water, scalp stimulation, castor oil with scalp massage)
  • my hair was moisturised
  • I did end up doing twists that I keep for 2 weeks
  • my last week was disturbed, i did water only washes and did not get the chance to do a third wash because I had to travel.
  • So my hair really enjoyed the attention lol
check the shrinkage after washing

The take down of the twist was a mess, I was in a rush and had no time. Instead of leaving it for another day I rushed through and my hair is recovering from that I bet. I blowed dried my hair(tension method) after washing last Saturday and put on flat twist for the week.

SO on to the plan for this month which has not started. I had originally planned to do corn rows which I would keep for 2 months, I am still going to do it. The original plan would go like this
  • wash hair and do protein treatment weekend
  • Corn row my hair(medium size)
  • spray every night and seal
  • wash hair during the week
  • and the cycle repeats for 2 months.
  • use products that don't cause buildup
However that is not the case, I have flat twist and I will be taking them down this coming Saturday and do my protein treatment, my hair is a bit weak. Then I will be wearing it out or maybe in updo's next week to give my hair a break from the wig life lol and then commence this plan after.
I would love some support from you to join me on this challenge I have made for myself, maybe we could achieve same goals.

wearing the fro stretched here

The reason I want to do this is to see how much does my hair grow a month(so that I can have realistic expectations), and to retain length undisturbed. I have seen it work for someone and I am willing to try it for my hair. 

Until next post, God bless...

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