Saturday, 1 October 2016

Bentonite Clay Wash(GOLD!)

hair fully covered with clay
Hey you,

I have been waiting too long to share this pot of gold with you guys. I hope you are doing well and happy October to you.
I really think every person with curly hair should try this. Bentonite clay or clay washing (I have to try other clays) is the bomb! If you have never heard of it just read here I will wait.

I decided to do this wash out of curiosity because all the naturals (blogs and YouTube) rave about how your curls clump and hair gets so soft after washing with clay. And I attest to that, my hair even absorbed the conditioner much better than when I just normally shampoo.

  • Here is how I went about it: I washed my hair with my medicated shampoo, sorry washed my scalp, we don’t want my scalp to have excess oil on it or else it will act up.
    This is how it looks
  • Then I put on my clay mix which I made runny in an applicator bottle to make application easy and less messy. I applied per section on my hair making sure that it was well covered. I had more of the mix left to use for a face mask or wash.(you’ll find the mix here)
Just giving you more view of how it looked, this is after applying the clay
  •  I then covered my head with plastic for 20 minutes or more(had to play with baba) and rinsed it by the sink, most people suggest to rinse in the shower to really get it all out but I got it all out and I rinsed until the water ran clear.
This my head wrapped with plastic and it so happens to be the Spar one lol
  • After that I put on my Tresemme Conditioner (which is almost finished now thanks to this challenge) and waited for 5 minutes, my hair was eating it all up gulp, gulp! LOL, seriously!
This is 20 minutes after cooking in the plastic, some of it was dry at the back but I rinsed it off.
  • And that was it, obviously followed an immediate application of avocado oil while the hair is still wet and some good air drying time. BTW my hair dries in 2 hours (high porosity? I am still investigating)

curls so defined
Please share these good news with fellow naturals out there, this is a good way of clarifying your hair, my hair felt so clean but yet soft and not stripped. I am going to include this in my monthly routines or weekly I don’t know.

 Have you tried clay washing? Will you be willing to try it? Let us know.

Until next post, God bless…

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