Monday, 17 October 2016

A piece of my heart to you

You know when you are feeling blue somehow you become most creative. Thinking about the most creative poetic pieces ever?

I want to talk to you. I want to talk to a girl, a woman, whatever you identify yourself as. As long as you are female.

I have noticed that us girls don't have support, towards each other, from each other, for each other. And I know that this is gonna come as a surprise to you especially on this blog but in all honesty this is the direction I set to take from the beginning to talk about more deeper things. We always have to find a way to attract your attention first.

I woke up thinking of how we are marvellously made. How our body is a gift to the world. I am a very spiritual person if I have already thrown you off then I guess this marks the spot for you, I would love for you to hear me out though.

So yes, we are marvellously made! And this is all in appreciation of our physique. Not how it is, sexy it is or other superficial marks we focus on. We are more than just the pretty-ness of our bodies. I am that one weird girl who gets excited to see her period( I have never missed one, except when I was preggies).

Our body knows more than I could ever comprehend. It knew it's cycle before I had to pin it down lol. At the moment I am going through that phase where I don't want any invasive things on this precious ornament. Like tampons,contraceptives, botox(example) etc. I am not speaking against them, I have had my share of all there is, at least I would like to think so. I want this piece of art to do it's functions without being disturbed,to balance itself and not let my selfish intentions throw it off guard, but living in the world of 'self' makes this a real challenge.

Your body is marvellously made. Bearing it's scars and all, deep inside it knows to repair itself. It knows that a scar does not define it's functions of survival. I hope to peel off the superficial veil over your eyes with this piece. But who am I kidding? I am trying to gain weight. I am trying to clear the scarring on my face. I am trying to grow healthy less brittle nails, some days my eyebrows are on fleek. But I could never be bothered though because I know my value does not lie in those things.

If you are a mother then you know the magic of giving birth and taking care of your baby.You are amazed at this marvelous gift(your body) God has blessed you with. All the worrying goes away when you see your own breast nurture your child. You have never had to trust your body this much before until that moment. You have never had to trust your body to help you push and let you know it is time. I share this to you who have not had a child to bask in this joy with us. Not to exclude you but to know that your body is marvellously made. It is a gift to the world,to your child, to your husband,to your mother and to the girl next door.

Younger generations are our hope of a better future as people all together and you bear that gift.

You are marvellously made. Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, admire what you see. It has endured a lot, that skin is soaking up vitamin D from the sun, appreciate that ( with the spots!).

Knowing that you are marvellously made, let the other girl know. 

I love you. God bless...

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