Wednesday, 26 October 2016

60 Days Protective Style

Hello there,

I have been thinking about having a long term protective style for a while now, when I say long term I mean a protective style kept on for more than 4 weeks. Oh look at me getting right into it without asking about you. How you doing? Been a minute , ain't it? I hope all is going good by your side, having a fab mid week!

What brought me to finally deciding to do it? I bumped into a blog AfroMoriri lol, I had to go through it because it had Moriri in its name. I mean I could relate! On Daffodil's blog I saw that she had a 6 month protective style challenge and like me she mentioned that she was procrastinating when to start. This was not a coincidence finding this at this time, because she started hers in November and that is next month, HELLO protective style! So this puts me at the right spot to start this challenge. I am hoping there will be some people who will join me along the way.

I know exactly how I want this to go since it has been pondered upon for months. The plan is to keep my hair in a style for 8 weeks and here is what the first leg is going to look like

  • medium sized corn rows on for 8 weeks
  • during the 8 weeks I will be continuing with my normal hair regimen but with a slight change
  • I will be washing hair twice a week, with products that don't cause buildup(more oils, less conditioning)
  • Will be doing a lot of greenhouse effect with oils
  • Spray hair daily with my sprits(water,aloe vera juice, avocado oil)
  • Daily scalp massages and basing my scalp with castor oil

After the 8 weeks I will carefully take down the hair style by firstly saturating it with a warm oil(available at the time), let it sit for an hour and then take down the rows and finger de-tangle them thoroughly. A moisturising protein treatment will follow as my hair will need to be strengthened.
I will give my hair a 2 week break and then get on to the next style that will also last for 8 weeks.

I would prefer to stick to corn rows as my hair grows better without tangling when it is laying flat. So styles like crochet braids will be favourable, but I plan on having jumbo braids along the way. I will also be wearing wigs, to hide my corn rows underneath. Yes they are going to be hot since it is summer but I prefer something I can take off at the end of the day than permanently stuck on my hair, and I would also love to access my scalp freely.

I will starting this challenge on the first week of November which will end around Christmas and then the next challenge will be on the 2nd week of January and will end at the beginning of March and then I will do a length check to see how much length I have retained. At the moment my hair is 15 cm long, realistically I hope to gain around 6cm and in a fantasy world 10 cm lol( that would be cool though). I expect to see a lot of shed hairs, and if you are going to join me on this, don't be alarmed by the shedding when you take down your style. All in all this will be from November till March and we will see from then on if I want to continue.

If you are keen on joining me on this challenge, please comment down below, let me know on my Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. So that we can give each other some support.

Until next post, God bless...


  1. Hi lady, it's Daffodils here. Thanks for the mention. I like your plan and am taking notes from your regimen which I think will benefit me. What's your Instagram account called. Think I'll join you in Jan.

    1. Hey, thanks for the reply this is my instagram page