Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ever heard of Vegetable Soap?

Hello there,

Soil Kenyan Shea Butter and Kalyan Neroli Patchouli Natural Cleansing Bar

How you doing? lol, I can't help but think about Wendy Williams when I say that. I hope the week has been blessing you.

So I bought a natural soap(am I allowed to say that?), handmade soap, yes a handmade soap, I checked,it is natural. Initially I was out to buy the African Black soap and then I stumbled upon this lovely smelling block and it was priced very well so I thought to myself how about we start here first.

I had read countless times that African Black soap can be drying to the skin and I am trying so greatly to avoid that as my skin gets dry quickly, but still curious enough to try a handmade soap hence I opted for that option. This soap smells amazing( I love Patchouli!). I have read as well that the black soap helps with eczema but just to be on the safe side I am trying this one out.

Here is my verdict thus far.
I am not sure what colour is that
  • I have used this for over a week and cannot get over the smell. It is very strong and woody. I cannot explain any further. Go to your nearest natural health store and find patchouli essential oil, have a sniff at it and you will get an idea.
  • The soap is made up of vegetables oils(mmmh yes) and it is handcrafted, it says on the package 'a natural vegetable oil  soap' and on the website they mention that it is handcrafted. 
  • The oils are olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and castor oil and various essential oils. I have Neroli & Patchouli fragrance. It also contains distilled water and lye.
  • It is very square lol, you gonna have to smooth the edges out with usage.
  • It has a creamy texture to it and colour.
  • It is wrapped in recycled paper , extra brownie points!
  • It has no preservatives, artificial fragrances, parabens and no animal fat.
  • It comes with instructions on how to care for the soap and they add that "As our soap contains no preservatives and no artificial fragrances or parabens, discoloration and dissipation of fragrance may occur if left unused for an unusually long length of time". I am glad they had the instruction because I was nervous that it is going to melt in a week.

I love the way it lathers, I was not expecting it to lather because I have not used a vegetable soap before, so that was a pleasant surprise. I have only been using it on my face and it does not dry it out. I don't pat my face dry after I wash it, I just rinse and let it air dry.
I could not keep still , my hands shake.
I have also used it as a shampoo bar, once! And I can safely say I am keeping this soap. My scalp was clean and the roots of my hair did not dry out, as I have observed that is what usually happens when I wash my hair with any shampoo. I will try to do a pictorial(picture tutorial) for you to show you how I achieved this. By the way I bought the soap at Simply Natural in Canal walk for R23.50.

I took to their website and saw that they have soaps for sensitive skin as well, which I will be trying soon. I am sharing this with you because I have always wanted soap with a few ingredients that I recognise and use daily. I use all those oils for my skin and hair. If you are interested here is their website kaylanherbal.

I also use this on my daughter's skin and hair.

There is nothing new about shea butter that I am going to share with you that you have not heard, but I am happy about this discovery and I think someone out there will be too. I have problematic skin -blemishes, eczema(apparently!),blackheads- to name a few, I have an oily skin that prefers oils than something drying(claps once!).
I have recently started using shea butter again on my face and I have noticed that my dark circles around my eyes are going away, my face has evened out to an extent and hopefully using it in conjunction with the soap it will get better with time. It just makes me very shiny though, I should have stuck to this in winter but oh well! I also bought this product from Simply Natural for R78.oo 100ml.

I am still going to buy the African black soap and see for myself. Here is to living naturally!

Until next post, God bless

60 Days Protective Style

Hello there,

I have been thinking about having a long term protective style for a while now, when I say long term I mean a protective style kept on for more than 4 weeks. Oh look at me getting right into it without asking about you. How you doing? Been a minute , ain't it? I hope all is going good by your side, having a fab mid week!

What brought me to finally deciding to do it? I bumped into a blog AfroMoriri lol, I had to go through it because it had Moriri in its name. I mean I could relate! On Daffodil's blog I saw that she had a 6 month protective style challenge and like me she mentioned that she was procrastinating when to start. This was not a coincidence finding this at this time, because she started hers in November and that is next month, HELLO protective style! So this puts me at the right spot to start this challenge. I am hoping there will be some people who will join me along the way.

I know exactly how I want this to go since it has been pondered upon for months. The plan is to keep my hair in a style for 8 weeks and here is what the first leg is going to look like

  • medium sized corn rows on for 8 weeks
  • during the 8 weeks I will be continuing with my normal hair regimen but with a slight change
  • I will be washing hair twice a week, with products that don't cause buildup(more oils, less conditioning)
  • Will be doing a lot of greenhouse effect with oils
  • Spray hair daily with my sprits(water,aloe vera juice, avocado oil)
  • Daily scalp massages and basing my scalp with castor oil

After the 8 weeks I will carefully take down the hair style by firstly saturating it with a warm oil(available at the time), let it sit for an hour and then take down the rows and finger de-tangle them thoroughly. A moisturising protein treatment will follow as my hair will need to be strengthened.
I will give my hair a 2 week break and then get on to the next style that will also last for 8 weeks.

I would prefer to stick to corn rows as my hair grows better without tangling when it is laying flat. So styles like crochet braids will be favourable, but I plan on having jumbo braids along the way. I will also be wearing wigs, to hide my corn rows underneath. Yes they are going to be hot since it is summer but I prefer something I can take off at the end of the day than permanently stuck on my hair, and I would also love to access my scalp freely.

I will starting this challenge on the first week of November which will end around Christmas and then the next challenge will be on the 2nd week of January and will end at the beginning of March and then I will do a length check to see how much length I have retained. At the moment my hair is 15 cm long, realistically I hope to gain around 6cm and in a fantasy world 10 cm lol( that would be cool though). I expect to see a lot of shed hairs, and if you are going to join me on this, don't be alarmed by the shedding when you take down your style. All in all this will be from November till March and we will see from then on if I want to continue.

If you are keen on joining me on this challenge, please comment down below, let me know on my Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. So that we can give each other some support.

Until next post, God bless...

Monday, 17 October 2016

A piece of my heart to you

You know when you are feeling blue somehow you become most creative. Thinking about the most creative poetic pieces ever?

I want to talk to you. I want to talk to a girl, a woman, whatever you identify yourself as. As long as you are female.

I have noticed that us girls don't have support, towards each other, from each other, for each other. And I know that this is gonna come as a surprise to you especially on this blog but in all honesty this is the direction I set to take from the beginning to talk about more deeper things. We always have to find a way to attract your attention first.

I woke up thinking of how we are marvellously made. How our body is a gift to the world. I am a very spiritual person if I have already thrown you off then I guess this marks the spot for you, I would love for you to hear me out though.

So yes, we are marvellously made! And this is all in appreciation of our physique. Not how it is, sexy it is or other superficial marks we focus on. We are more than just the pretty-ness of our bodies. I am that one weird girl who gets excited to see her period( I have never missed one, except when I was preggies).

Our body knows more than I could ever comprehend. It knew it's cycle before I had to pin it down lol. At the moment I am going through that phase where I don't want any invasive things on this precious ornament. Like tampons,contraceptives, botox(example) etc. I am not speaking against them, I have had my share of all there is, at least I would like to think so. I want this piece of art to do it's functions without being disturbed,to balance itself and not let my selfish intentions throw it off guard, but living in the world of 'self' makes this a real challenge.

Your body is marvellously made. Bearing it's scars and all, deep inside it knows to repair itself. It knows that a scar does not define it's functions of survival. I hope to peel off the superficial veil over your eyes with this piece. But who am I kidding? I am trying to gain weight. I am trying to clear the scarring on my face. I am trying to grow healthy less brittle nails, some days my eyebrows are on fleek. But I could never be bothered though because I know my value does not lie in those things.

If you are a mother then you know the magic of giving birth and taking care of your baby.You are amazed at this marvelous gift(your body) God has blessed you with. All the worrying goes away when you see your own breast nurture your child. You have never had to trust your body this much before until that moment. You have never had to trust your body to help you push and let you know it is time. I share this to you who have not had a child to bask in this joy with us. Not to exclude you but to know that your body is marvellously made. It is a gift to the world,to your child, to your husband,to your mother and to the girl next door.

Younger generations are our hope of a better future as people all together and you bear that gift.

You are marvellously made. Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, admire what you see. It has endured a lot, that skin is soaking up vitamin D from the sun, appreciate that ( with the spots!).

Knowing that you are marvellously made, let the other girl know. 

I love you. God bless...

Thursday, 13 October 2016

How is October looking

Hello lovelies,

spring in my yard

Been dragging to talk to you this week, it's not you it's me lol. What could you have possibly done to me beside come here and have an occasional read? How you doing(in Wendy's voice)... I surely hope that this month has brought you some lady luck

It looks like this post is always gonna be late, it should be the first to greet you when the month starts but oh well let's get on with it. I am going to give you an update on my last month's regimen and what this month's plan has been so far(I'd rather not because I have not been a good naturalista).

If you are new, welcome, last month I posted a plan for the month here, and I carried it out quite well throughout the month. There is also an update about how I kept on with it here

SO my take down about the routine 
  • my roots came out very thick, and it could be because of a lot of factors (frequent water, scalp stimulation, castor oil with scalp massage)
  • my hair was moisturised
  • I did end up doing twists that I keep for 2 weeks
  • my last week was disturbed, i did water only washes and did not get the chance to do a third wash because I had to travel.
  • So my hair really enjoyed the attention lol
check the shrinkage after washing

The take down of the twist was a mess, I was in a rush and had no time. Instead of leaving it for another day I rushed through and my hair is recovering from that I bet. I blowed dried my hair(tension method) after washing last Saturday and put on flat twist for the week.

SO on to the plan for this month which has not started. I had originally planned to do corn rows which I would keep for 2 months, I am still going to do it. The original plan would go like this
  • wash hair and do protein treatment weekend
  • Corn row my hair(medium size)
  • spray every night and seal
  • wash hair during the week
  • and the cycle repeats for 2 months.
  • use products that don't cause buildup
However that is not the case, I have flat twist and I will be taking them down this coming Saturday and do my protein treatment, my hair is a bit weak. Then I will be wearing it out or maybe in updo's next week to give my hair a break from the wig life lol and then commence this plan after.
I would love some support from you to join me on this challenge I have made for myself, maybe we could achieve same goals.

wearing the fro stretched here

The reason I want to do this is to see how much does my hair grow a month(so that I can have realistic expectations), and to retain length undisturbed. I have seen it work for someone and I am willing to try it for my hair. 

Until next post, God bless...

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wig Slayage!!

Wig Slayage!
What is up?

 I can't stop laughing at my post's name, yes wig slayage. See that pic there, yes girl that is a wig that I made. And I am going to tell you all about it. I hope you are having a blessed week thus far.

Since my days of camping on YouTube, wig making tutorials are one of the most videos  I watched because wigs can be so darn expensive. I meditated on it and now I am on my 2nd wig and I am gonna keep going! 
On my first wig I did not have a mannequin head,so I made the investment to buy one and that was a good decision. It made a huge difference with how this wig came out.

I have been wearing this wig for about a week while my hair is in a 2 week old twist underneath. Like I mentioned I plan on making more to keep hiding my hair while looking good. This is a good way to keep your long term protective style hidden when it start to look fury!
If you are interested in making your own wigs, these are the tools I suggest you buy:

  • mannequin head R100
  • latch hook crochet R60
  • net wig cap (closed top) or open R20
  • and hair of your choice(cheap for first time) R60

If I exclude the cost of the head and the crochet which I bought a long time ago then this wig cost me R80, can you believe it??

Here is Dora lol, her name changes all the time, sometimes Fiona, this is my mannequin head.
The hair is by Darling, Pick & Drop Vogue

I really want to start making a braid wig like this , probably will be my next attempt. If I am brave enough I will make video tutorials for you but I am not promising anything. I won't make any sense trying to explain how to get through the wholes and using the crochet, it's best you YouTube the videos and this one would be a crochet wig.
This is the wig net, with a closed top.

This is how the hair looks, I combed it first before I picked to avoid tangling

Please let me know what you think, and what are your cheapest options for wigs?

This is during the making of the wig, big knots on the sides and the back.

And this is Dora looking pretty, yes girlfriend!

Until next post, God bless...

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Bentonite Clay Wash(GOLD!)

hair fully covered with clay
Hey you,

I have been waiting too long to share this pot of gold with you guys. I hope you are doing well and happy October to you.
I really think every person with curly hair should try this. Bentonite clay or clay washing (I have to try other clays) is the bomb! If you have never heard of it just read here I will wait.

I decided to do this wash out of curiosity because all the naturals (blogs and YouTube) rave about how your curls clump and hair gets so soft after washing with clay. And I attest to that, my hair even absorbed the conditioner much better than when I just normally shampoo.

  • Here is how I went about it: I washed my hair with my medicated shampoo, sorry washed my scalp, we don’t want my scalp to have excess oil on it or else it will act up.
    This is how it looks
  • Then I put on my clay mix which I made runny in an applicator bottle to make application easy and less messy. I applied per section on my hair making sure that it was well covered. I had more of the mix left to use for a face mask or wash.(you’ll find the mix here)
Just giving you more view of how it looked, this is after applying the clay
  •  I then covered my head with plastic for 20 minutes or more(had to play with baba) and rinsed it by the sink, most people suggest to rinse in the shower to really get it all out but I got it all out and I rinsed until the water ran clear.
This my head wrapped with plastic and it so happens to be the Spar one lol
  • After that I put on my Tresemme Conditioner (which is almost finished now thanks to this challenge) and waited for 5 minutes, my hair was eating it all up gulp, gulp! LOL, seriously!
This is 20 minutes after cooking in the plastic, some of it was dry at the back but I rinsed it off.
  • And that was it, obviously followed an immediate application of avocado oil while the hair is still wet and some good air drying time. BTW my hair dries in 2 hours (high porosity? I am still investigating)

curls so defined
Please share these good news with fellow naturals out there, this is a good way of clarifying your hair, my hair felt so clean but yet soft and not stripped. I am going to include this in my monthly routines or weekly I don’t know.

 Have you tried clay washing? Will you be willing to try it? Let us know.

Until next post, God bless…