Friday, 23 September 2016

Monthly hair update!


I apologise for being quiet for a bit , I have been under the weather but worry not I am here an ready to mingle with you lol.
practising my hand at photography

As you know I put up a P. O. A for this month and I just wanted to let you know how it has been going. So the plan was to wash my hair 3 times a week like the doctor ordered and I have been successfully doing that for the past 3 weeks. Yey! It has not been easy though be warned.

The first week I was struggling with styling my hair for the following day because then I would have to wait for it to dry and by the time that happens I would be exhausted and would go to sleep. So I would rock the fro in the morning to work. I did not like it, my hair was tangling and knotting too much. 

The first day I would wash with the medicated shampoo, 2nd day wash it would be with moisturising shampoo and 3rd day wash would be an ACV rinse and then I would still add some rinse-out conditioner for about 5 minutes. Rinse all that out and seal with avocado oil. When the hair completely dry I would then apply castor oil on my scalp, which it is loving by the way. I also discovered that castor oil does not irritate my scalp at all. Note that I apply avocado oil on my hair and try by all means to keep it out of my scalp.

The second week I was dragging this one a bit because I was lazy to twist my hair which meant I would have to wear it out again. Which meant more tangles and knots and that is not good, I discovered that my hair dries quick and feels crunchy until at the end of week two when I decided to do a Bentonite clay wash and my hair was so soft. I will be doing a post on this so I don't want to spoil it for you. I steamed my hair this week when I conditioned it and I actually used the medicated shampoo the whole week. My hair was much softer thanks to the Bentonite clay.

Third week and I am still going strong, this week I went back to the first week's routine of medicated shampoo, moisturising shampoo and then ACV(my hair loves this). My hair is in twists this week, thank goodness! And it has been a breeze. What I did differently this week was putting my conditioner on first and then washing my scalp with the shampoo then rinse everything out all together. Then I won't have a lot of conditioner stuck on my hair as the shampoo rinses it off. And my hair has been responding well to this method. I seal it up with avocado oil while soaking wet( a bit towel dried) and then put some on my scalp after it has dried.

My take down:

Washing my hair in twists has made a huge difference, I should have done this from the beginning. The Bentonite clay helped my hair absorb products. Steaming it helped with the conditioning as well. But the hair(twists) will look freezy after washing. I noticed that my roots are more thicker, maybe I am dreaming , it could be the castor oil and massaging my scalp 3 times a week while washing. I noticed that I don't like playing with my hair and I have become more gentle with it literally, I don't want to hear any snaps at all. I also noticed that I have to seal the moisture immediately after I am done rinsing, I blot my hair to remove access water and then seal, when it dries it becomes less crunchy, which kind makes it high porosity! and this is where I give up with porosity. 
My hair loves ACV and castor oil, stick to what your hair loves.

Let us know what your hair feels like after you wash it and how is your month going.
Until next post, God bless...

Sunday, 11 September 2016

September POA

Wassup wassup,

I have been bombarding you with hair haven't I? This is one last time(it's not), please allow. I hope you are doing fabulous! And having a fab start to your week!

As you saw from the last post I am suffering with low porosity hair, I still need to make sure though but I am convinced I am. There are various tests you can take that will tell you what porosity level is your hair. So since I am in this situation with my hair. I found out low porosity hair is good actually just that the ends tend to up being porous. I know my ends are porous because of the colouring on them and they are the oldest part of the hair.

Now into the plan. This month I plan to achieve some form of maximum moisture lol.

  • I plan to follow the doctors orders by washing my hair 3 times a week
    • I am going to shampoo twice and then vinegar rinse in between
  • Conditioning with daily conditioner (my tresemme naturals)
  • deep condition on weekends as usual so it is once a week
  • wash days will be Friday(or Saturday), Monday and Wednesday
  • aid the conditioner with steam
  • sprits hair with warm water on days I am not washing
  • cover the ends with castor oil or shea butter
  • wear hair in micro twists(redo every week)
  • Daily evening massages
  • occasionally wear wigs

What I like about this layout is that the wash days fall under the days that I exercise in. So I will be due for a wash/rinse anyway. I plan on turning this into a water washing only method in the future depending on how my hair is going to react to the frequent water exposure. I suspect that it is going to love it.

The challenge I have been facing so far is wearing my hair out this week, I did not do twists and I am not a fan of wearing shrinkage. I am not ashamed of it it's the tangles and the hardening of my hair that's not ideal for me. Got the twists idea from a blogger who was doing a water washing only method in mini twists. My hair takes long to dry, yes now it takes long, it's the ends that dry fast. Since I will be washing in the evening, I might be waking up with damp with damp hair. I doubt that I will be having this problem when I have done the twists and I am going to have to hide it under wigs.

So yeah isn't it good to plan ahead? At least I know what is happening with my hair for the month. What are your monthly plans for your hair? Are you protective styling this month? Please let us know

Until next post, God bless...

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Dealing with Low Porosity hair?

Hey lovelies,

I have been researching a lot on porosity and have found that it should be the main thing to type one's hair with. The main for us kinky girls or let me rather say people with dry damaged is to achieve moisture thus have soft hair and this is when porosity kicks in.

I am not going to go into detail with porosity if you want to learn about it, type in Google search hair porosity you will be flooded with all things porosity like this you can take a quiz for that here too. I am suspecting I have low porosity hair but the searches are telling me something else.

With low porosity hair, your hair does not absorb moisture it shuts everything out. So to be able to get moisture through you have to aid it with hear. I guess that's why my hair loves heat, I mean it feels so after blow drying and I am guessing that shows my products have been absorbed.
So if that's not an indication that it is low porosity I don't know what is. Another thing is that it dries very quickly,  apparently that's a characteristic of high porosity hair, and then it feels so brittle afterwards.  My strands test results say low porosity.  You can imagine what my mind is going through now.

In my next post I will be telling you on how I am going to try to combat this. But the first thing to do is to clarify so that I can really understand what the nature of my hair is without products. Clarifying is washing your hair with a clarifying product that will remove all types of build up (products, elements etc). I'm also suspecting that I would be having a protein overload though I barely use protein treatments, it could be from using coconut oil as well which can result in a protein overload. Here is to finding out.

What is your hair porosity and how did you find out or notice it?

Until next post,  God bless....

Monday, 5 September 2016

No heat damage! Update

Hey you,
Shrinkage is so real, but it is not in vain!

I hope you had an awesome weekend. So did I. We remember that last week I had straightened my hair and tried to keep it in that state for a week. I will be telling you how I maintained it, if I got any heat damage and include some products I used when  I washed it.

If you have been following me on Instagram then you would know that I was not doing much with my hair. I just kept it in a halo like flat twist around the perimeter of my head for the whole week except on Friday where I wore it out and it did not revert(to my surprise).

During this time I noticed that my hair was soft and fluffy, I could not really run my fingers through but I could feel my scalp. I also noticed how dry my ends were, they felt brittle, so then I applied some castor oil on them for the last 3 days of the week which kind of helped.

I could not stretch it any longer because my scalp was starting to itch and I was feeling sore bumps on it. That was a call for wash day. I have to be honest I was afraid of heat damage, so I was nervous to wash my hair. I pre-pood the night before with 100% avocado oil, and on that day I washed with the shampoo that was prescribed by the doctor. It does not smell nice, I have to tell you, your conditioner better smell like fabric softener to cover that coal smell. If you wear your hair out , you do not want to be smelling like charcoal.

can you believe this
 is the same hair
I used my Macadamia hair mask, and that was the last of it. I am sad. I mixed it with my protein treatment and slapped it on. An hour later I rinsed them all of and voila! The shrinkage at its glory, I was happy to see my hair like that again. I applied my avocado oil on top and let it air dry. Later on that day I stretched my hair using African threading( I am really not a fan of this method, my ends knot too much).

I also learned that day that my hair is low porosity, which means that it does not hold in moisture, or let moisture through. I realised by the speed it takes my hair to dry, and how stiff it feels even after I moisturised it. I will cover more on this in a different post. I may blow dry my hair more often because of this, I noticed that it tends to be much softer and absorbs oils better.

Comment your thoughts on how to main straightened hair and to avoid heat damage and also some tips on the African threading method to stretch hair.

Until next post, God bless