Friday, 5 August 2016

My hair does not like braids

Old pic, blowed out fro
Hello lovlies,

Yeah that is an in thing lovlies! Please forgive me for my absence last week, I had an exam to prepare for but we are here now and hope that you have been having a good week and will be having a blessed weekend.
Looks like Friday's are posting days now.

So yes my hair does not like braids, sounds odd don't it? Remember these two post here and here.
 After all that I was excited to see the overall growth and state of my hair despite achieving the best moisture. I realised that the mid section of my was brittle and dry actually after I washed my hair and it did not have much growth compare to the rest of my hair.
I would like to believe that it received the same amount of attention as the rest of my head but I think it was also exposed more as it will lie at the top of the rest of the braids (I wore them down all the time).It could be possible that the rest of the hair suffered the same thing but just not as bad and defined.

I am considering going the crochet braids route full time when I want to do my hair in a long term protective style or just keep it in a flat twist or under a wig etc. Because all the hair will be equally hidden and moisturised I think I will easily avoid this problem again.

I am happy that I noticed that because at least I am learning what my hair likes and what it does not, and all the things that it reacts to.

Has anyone of you experienced something like this before? Was it with braids or some other style and what have you done to help your hair recover from that? Please answer in the comments.

Until next post, God bless...

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