Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Products I would love to try out

Hello Natural,

How you doing! It is a long day or week this week! 

I find myself pondering on the aisles of hair products every time I go to a Dischem or a Clicks. And when I am also browsing through websites I would secretly admire certain products and put them in my imaginary wish list.

I thought I should share those products with you. I realise that I love conditioners and always willing to try a new one. This would also help me keep track and work as an actual wish list. 

First of is Argan Secret Clarifying Shampoo, I came across this from another blogger , since I was curious about clarifying shampoos and when I saw that I can get it at Dischem for R100, I had to go make sure that my Dischem had it. Shampoos last me a lifetime because I wash my hair once a week(yeah I have not gotten pass the twice a week wash yet) and I don't use a lot as I dilute it as well. So will have to finish all my shampoos first before I get to this one.

And then there is Argan Oil Hydrating Mask, I think I saw this product on the WellnessWarehouse website but I am not sure it just looked familiar. Yes, they do sell it there, at a much higher price than Dischem. I just ran out of my mask that I bought almost a month ago, I need a new mask and this happened to catch my eye. I checked out the ingredients besides the silicons it is not that bad and has a bit of protein in it. I wish they could have these in larger tubs.
From the same brand,, I noticed that they have a heat protector spray Heat Defence Leave-in  Spray. It seems thick in consistency. I am sure you can feel it when you have applied on your hair(unlike the one I am using, no shade). I would love to use this on my next flat iron.

Just for the sake of curiosity I would love to try out Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner with Avocado and Shea Butter. They also have a one that is suppose to work like a deep conditioner but I think is also a rinse out. I will have to wait for my Tresemme to finish, I keep ditching for my DC'S. And Garnier also has another conditioner with honey in it, so it would be between the honey one and he avocado one.

Another conditioner is Natures's Gate Biotin Conditioner, I found it on the WellnessWarehouse website when I was looking for conditioners. They say it strengthens thinning hair and I am having trouble with that in my mid section. They say that it is sulfate free and I saw that it is also paraben free. It has a lot of good ingredients in it.I might just get this next to help my weakening strands.

I would love to afford this as one of my favourite hair bloggers testifies by it , a few actually swear by their conditioners and leave ins. But one day is one day. This is Giovanni 2Chic Ultra Moist Hair Mask Avocado.

That is it . It is best to keep the list short so that I can be able to purchase and have time to use them. I will let you know about the conditioner I get next as soon as I decide. I would really love for them to make them in bigger sizes because I use conditioner a lot and I don't want to keep buying it every month but that's a topic for another time.

I hope you enjoyed this bit. Comment your favourite products and those you would love to buy. Until next post, God bless...

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Flat Ironed my Hair!

Wassup you!

It has been a minute, has it not? I was having a somewhat unpleasant week if I may, but I hope yours was much more pleasant than mine. 

So I decided to straighten my hair out of the blue, I do not know what got into me. It's YouTube, I was looking at silk press videos and they led to flat ironing natural hair and then blow drying natural hair lol.

My first take was blow drying my hair, which I don't have pictures off (sorry!). I did that because I was going out and did not know what to do with my washed wet hair.
I did not do anything special on my hair as I just cleansed it with some ACV and applied coconut and avocado oil on my strands. So I blow dried my hair using the tension method, I have a bristle brush but I was just sceptical to use it. I then tied my hair in a bun and kept it for almost 2 days, I straightened it at the end of day 2.

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray
Hair brush
I would advice that you do not take a leap of faith like I did. Do necessary things to prepare your hair, like shampoo, deep condition or protein treatment and leave-ins before applying any heat on your hair. As I am typing this I am silently praying that I do not have heat damage though I used my Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray-I forgot to put it in the what's in my bag post because I hardly ever use it.

Here's how I straightened my hair, it is not really that straight though! 

  • I divided my hair into four sections, and tied them into Bantu knots.
  • I sprayed a section with the heat defence spray, and then ran my fingers through it to distribute the spray on the strands. I did this for all sections.
  • Then I would part my hair into much smaller thin sections, and detangle with a wide tooth comb starting from tips to roots.
  • Lastly I dusted(lightly trimmed)  my ends, they were looking not so good.

Right side straightened
Left side Bantu knots, 

Besides being worried about heat damage, I am very pleased with the results I got from using this method of flat ironing, it was my first time.
I noticed that the hair is much straighter and does not feel as textured. I remember the last time I ironed my hair , I did not get results like this and that was over a year ago. It helped expose the bad ends of my hair which I trimmed off, I think that is why they look so frizzy in the pictures. My hair also feels soft, I can run a comb through my roots.

I do not have a rule over how many times a year I use heat on my hair though I try to stay away from it as much as possible. It just so happens I last straightened my hair over a year ago.One other reason I did this is I want to see if my hair will get enough sebum coverage, hopefully I will maintain it for more than a week, I will give you an update on that as well. Try this out the next time you straighten your hair, and let us know how it went.

Final Results!
Looks more like
 a blow out
Until next post, God bless...

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Retaining length!

Hey lovlies,

That seems to be growing on me lol, I trust that you are having a warm Saturday. Before you go off starting your day let us talk about length retention.

Length retention, is keeping the length that you have grown without having it break off, the tip[s off your hair will be intact.
Most people(black women) seem to think that their hair does not grow past a certain length or it cannot grow at all and this is very misleading. While doing my research I have come across a lot of people with kinky coarse hair that has grown up till their waste and that got me thinking how misinformed we've become.

You will find that it took them about more than 2 years to notice considerable length with their hair and that goes with trial and error. So first thing we should know is that hair grows unless you have a medical problem. You hair is always growing, and if you cannot see that it would be because you put too much stress on it that it is constantly breaking.
Now that I have schooled a little on what length retention is, I will give you a few tips on how to achieve that, but I am no pro at this because I am also learning how to help my hair retain length too.

Manipulate you hair less, if you can. Have long term hair styles that allow you access to your scalp and the ability to moisturise you hair. Or wear simple hair styles with your own hair if it is long enough for a week to avoid daily manipulation.

Always protect your hair from heat, best way is to avoid it, but if you like blow drying your hair then use a heat protector and also keep it on a low heat.

sourced from google
Use tools that are friendly to your hair if finger detangling is a no no for you. A smooth wide tooth
comb will do fine when you need to detangle. Be careful while using tools,or else you will snap your strands off.

Always comb you hair when it is wet, because it stronger than when it is dry.

Discover a weekly regimen that will keep your hair strong and well moisturised.

Research more on how to retain length, there are lot of ladies out there who are sharing their secrets(share with us too)

Be patient with your hair, there is no product that will accelerate hair growth.

You can check out the link on the first picture at the top,

Please share in the comments what you are to try to have long healthy hair. Tell us your secrets lol and tips.
Until next time, God bless...

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dry itchy scalp? Skin Health Awareness!!

Hello beautiful peeps,

It has been a goodish week., it has been a good week let's show some genuine gratitude right! I am feeling very tired as I write this but have got some surprising news for you!

Getting straight to the name of this post. Do you suffer from a a dry itchy scalp that does  not seem to get better no matter what you try? All the hair foods and Sulfur8's in the world cannot even help, I mean they give you a day or two's relief but the condition does not get any better. And then you start noticing some thin flaking just to make matters worse but that is what comes with a dry itchy scalp.

I took my kid to the dermatologist during the week and got myself checked out. I was just curious about this scalp that does not get any better not matter what I try, to only find out that I have eczema :O. Yes I was shocked a bit, I did suspect that there could be a serious problem but not eczema the rest of my body is ok no sign at all, no dry patches, no flares nothing! This is what googles calls it

What is seborrheic dermatitis? Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as seborrhea, sebopsoriasis, seborrheic eczema, dandruff and pityriasis capitis, is a chronic, relapsing and usually mild dermatitis. In infants seborrheic dermatitis is called cradle cap. Seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disorder affecting the scalp, face, and torso
I know that is a lot of tongue twisting words but yeah!

The reason I am telling you all this long story is that some of you could be facing the same problem and not thinking for a moment that you could seek some professional medical help. 
I am glad I did this, because now I know how to treat my scalp well and know that I may have to buy medicated shampoo and not just regular shampoo.

Now here's the fun part about all this condition, I have been requested to wash my scalp 3 times a week. Yes girl, 3 times! I am still trying to figure out how is this gonna work.
I know for sure that this is gonna dry out my hair. I am excited about the hydration part of it but not the drying from the shampoo. I will be keeping you posted about the condition of my scalp and if the medicated shampoo is working well. I will tell you all of these things in another post!

Please make others aware of this. Co-washing or washing with conditioner only will only make this worse. Your scalp needs to be thoroughly cleansed to avoid any infections. You can read on here about how to treat this condition.
And just let us know if you think you have this condition or anyone you know and how they are treating it.

Thank you very much for the support! Until next post , God bless...

Friday, 5 August 2016

My hair does not like braids

Old pic, blowed out fro
Hello lovlies,

Yeah that is an in thing lovlies! Please forgive me for my absence last week, I had an exam to prepare for but we are here now and hope that you have been having a good week and will be having a blessed weekend.
Looks like Friday's are posting days now.

So yes my hair does not like braids, sounds odd don't it? Remember these two post here and here.
 After all that I was excited to see the overall growth and state of my hair despite achieving the best moisture. I realised that the mid section of my was brittle and dry actually after I washed my hair and it did not have much growth compare to the rest of my hair.
I would like to believe that it received the same amount of attention as the rest of my head but I think it was also exposed more as it will lie at the top of the rest of the braids (I wore them down all the time).It could be possible that the rest of the hair suffered the same thing but just not as bad and defined.

I am considering going the crochet braids route full time when I want to do my hair in a long term protective style or just keep it in a flat twist or under a wig etc. Because all the hair will be equally hidden and moisturised I think I will easily avoid this problem again.

I am happy that I noticed that because at least I am learning what my hair likes and what it does not, and all the things that it reacts to.

Has anyone of you experienced something like this before? Was it with braids or some other style and what have you done to help your hair recover from that? Please answer in the comments.

Until next post, God bless...