Friday, 29 July 2016

Local Hair Products to support!


I hope you are having fun and have had a pleasant week, or you could be typing away like me but nonetheless it's the weekend!

I have picked out 5 websites/products that I came across when I did this search many moons ago looking for local products for my hair because all the YouTube experts I watch are in the States.
 I have not bought from all of them, I am just simply doing this post to create awareness and to build up support for local content so they too can have a shelf at your nearest store.

First of will be
Well I have 2 of their products in my bathroom, mainly because you can get it at Game but selected stores. I have a shampoo and a protein treatment. I am well pleased with them, I also had their kiddies spray which reminds me to go get another one-it is a must have. They also have an online store, but I am happy with going to Game, though sometimes it does not stock all their products! You can check them out here>>

OaMobu Naturals

I also bumped into this website when searching and I actually plan on purchasing their black soap cleanser and shea butter mixtures for my body not hair. I read the reviews on there and they make me want to give them a try. Their branding also looks professional , I hope they expand their products to more than just butters and soap.
If you are curious like me, here is where to go: oamobu

Up next is 
Created by MissPeaches1000 ,if you are on YouTube as much as I am you would know who this is lol especially if you are looking for someone local, and I also knew about her through Aisha from MyFroandI. They have an online shop and they also sell on events, if you follow them on social media, you can find out what they are up to. With their products I will be more likely to get the mist. Here where Earthy is at!

This was a coincidence for me to find them, a friend of mine tagged me on a picture they posted on instagram and being obsessed with hair like I am , I went to check their page and ended up on their website browsing products. I love their look, it also attracted me. When I went on their website I noticed their R currency on the products and was surprised because I had though they are not local. Shame on me! I am eager to buy their oils especially grapeseed and avocado oil for my oil rinses and also their deep conditioner, they are very hard to find! Check them out here>>

This is probably one of the first store you'll find when you search for hair stuff in South Africa. They sell quite a lot of things, some of the products are of their own brand like shea butter, olive oil etc. I am very excited that they have Eco Styler Gel, now I will finally be part of the crew lol(imaginary crew). They also sell marley hair which can be sometimes hard to find as well as a latch hook crochet for crochets braids. To only think I bought mine from China :(. If you are struggling with natural hair products or curlers lol, just go to their website.

I hope I have helped you in some way with this post and most importantly please go check them out and support and also let them know that this is where you found out about them! 
I like how these business got formed-their background story- it is also the reason I probably chose them as well, so when you are browsing their websites you can read up on that.

Comment below about other products you know about and share their website so that we can spread the word. 

Until next post, God bless...

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Time to win with Rubybox


I am just sharing some love with y'all. Rubybox is giving away two of their most sort after Urban Decay Naked 2 Palettes

If you are keen just enter here

All the best! God bless...

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Braids Take Down! and Wash Day!

After and during braids

I could not wait to write this post though its almost a week since I took the braids off. I hope you are having a blessed week and wish you an even more blessed weekend.

I am so proud of myself with the way I handled my braids this time around! I shared some of the things I was doing to take care of them on my protective style post here>>>

I had the braids on my head for 6 weeks. I could not go any longer because I noticed the roots having build up(white stuff) and you want to avoid that at all costs. No matter how much you keep your hair clean it is inevitable with the length of time you keep them in. That is why I was using water and oil only to moisturise my hair to avoid the build up too soon. I also missed my hair and thought that it needed to get some real air.

Why do you want to avoid build up? It causes your hair to matt at the roots(making it look like dreads) and detangling that can pull out hair from your roots if you're not careful enough, it also makes the whole process longer.

taking down
of braids
So yeah, the night came it was long, tedious and exhausting. I might just get this outsourced next time,  I mean the way my arms were so sore from just taking the braids off, I felt like a wrestler. After taking them off, I did some light detangling with my fingers to take off shed hair and fibre tangled to my hair, then I applied some olive oil and growth oil to the hair as a prepoo. I covered with plastic and left it all night!
Before I forget, I told you I am so proud of myself hau! And here's why, as I was faithfully(to the best of my ability) keeping my hair moisturised while it was braided, when I was taking off the braids it was soft , and moisturised still, the joy in my heart that night. Finally I am doing something right! I have always suffered from dry hair when taking braids off and the mistake was that I was not moisturising correctly/completely. I would spray my roots and oil my scalp and that would be it poof I am gone. This time around I had done some hectic YouTube research lol, and I found out that I was not spraying along the length of the hair in the braid, *light bulb*! One extra step is all I needed, so ladies if you got braids on please include this in your routine you will see a big difference.

There's nothing new about wash day as it was my first post, so I am just gonna run you through the things that I did. Woke up early because LO was still sleeping and I can get to do this quicker before she wakes up, besides I get to have the rest of the day to do other stuff than waiting for my hair to DC.

Since my hair was already saturated with oil, I divided it in 4 sections. I did not dilute my shampoo this time because I needed its maximum strength, after all my hair had not been touched by shampoo for 6 weeks! 
I rinsed out the shampoo and then did a black tea rinse(reduce breakage and shedding), this girl explains how it works here. I did that because I was avoiding breakage more than shedding.
I did not rinse it out I went ahead and started to deep condition my hair. I mixed my AfroBotanics protein treatment with hair masque and added some bentonite clay (testing). I liked this mixture,it was very thick though will have to thin out the clay next time, I kept it in for an hour wrapped with a plastic bag and some hot towel action.This is when I thoroughly detangle my hair with a wide toothed comb.
Keeping the
ends tucked away!
I rinsed out and then did a light oil rinse, followed by an ACV rinse. I did not notice immediate results with these added things. So with prolonged use I expect to notice a change, however I do know that tea rinse aids my hair a lot with breakage and shedding.👍

Did I shed? Yes a lot, because it was hair shed for 6 weeks trapped inside, but I think I shed a little more hair besides that. I am sure it will grown back, it's hair! 
After all that I collected my hair into a protective style without extensions, to protect the fragile ends. I do not  have time to style every morning, I fall more on to the lazy side of things.

What do you to avoid that shedding and breakage after braids? And how do you maintain your hair while in braids?

Until next post, God bless...

Monday, 11 July 2016

What is in my beauty bag? Part 2 Make-up

All my makeup stash, don't judge!
Wassup, wassup

Yeah I have had too much caffeine,I hope you are having a great evening and a good start to your week! I hope this part 2 won't be as lengthy as part 1 I will try my best. Let's GO...

I am going to write about the products according to brands so don't follow the numbers on this picture in chronological order to the words.

1.Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner. I don't have much to say about this primer. If you have oily skin it is not for you. I was looking for something price friendly and yeah bad choice. I cannot really give it a fair rating.

L.A. Girl
2.LA Girl Pro Powder HD Powder. I think I like this setting powder but I found that it did not last long for me, by mid day I would be shining bright like a diamond. Maybe if I had a good primer then I would say something else, you also have to be good at blending to look less spooky with this one.

As you can see most of the products that I have on there are from this brand, because it is affordable and does not disappoint most of the time.
3.Essence Liquid ink Eyeliner. This is for that perfect winged eye cat look that everyone is trying to perfect. Somebody please tell me what am I doing wrong cause after lunch one of the wings would be gone. I know I have to stop touching my face, I thought it would be resistant.I used a Wet 'N Wild one before and I never had a problem with that. I like it , it was affordable, make do with what you have until you can afford everything MAC right?
17.Essence All about Matt! High covering concealer 10 matt beige. I use this as a primer and it has worked better than the other primer,makes my foundation last a bit longer and as light that colour may be I never had trouble covering it up with foundation. I am still on the search though! Again great price!
18.Essence CoverStick 50 Matt Caramel. This is my 2nd stick as I lost the 1st one. I like it because it matches my skin tone so well. It does not last but hey, that matt look on a hot day yeah it's ok! I notice that it fades quickly as well. I use this as a concealer or as a foundation. Gotta love Essence for newbies like me with make-up, there's room for growth here.
21.Essence Lip Liner 11 in the Nude. This could be something I am a little disappointed about, the colour does not do anything on my lips it disappears like vaseline. I've had to put a bit of foundation on them and then something would happen.It could be my fault for picking it in that colour. 
22.Essence Kajal Pencil 01 Black. I love black eyeliners, I probably have others that did not make the cut for this post. I always line my eyes and this one here is very smooth. It does not stay all day though, so re-application is necessary!

I am a little afraid writing about these cause they were given to me and I used them like one or twice *side eye*.
Shiseido Lipstick (4(Perfect Rouge RD304) & 5(PK249 possibly)) don’t know the colours, had to Google this just for you. I like their texture they are very moisturising and the pink one had a strong pigment. However even with such a great brand there's still something missing, they did not last.

These came with a bag which was a gift as well that  I am still using lol. I have got to say this brand is good for the little attention it is getting.
6.Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick Light/Medium Nude (finished). I realised that this was finished when I was checking them for this post and I was a bit sad. So I have to get another one. It feels like butter and smells like vanilla I think but it is amazing. I will get a shade more closer to my skin tone with the next one.This is for when I don't want colour but I don't want Vaseline either, you get?
23.Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara. I have to buy this one too. Yes! This brand has got me , the mascara did wonders for my tiny lashes and I am no fan of mascara but I like this one that much. I can't say more.
24.Almay eyeliner 205 black retractable. I love this, I used it more than all my pencils because it is retractable and it sits nicely,my other pencils are probably giving it a look, I can do my water-line on the top lid. I am sold!

Wet 'N Wild
7.Wet ‘N Wild Lipstick Mocha-licious (finished),8. Wet ‘N Wild Lipstick Cinnamon Spice. I don't know which is which! The only thing I have against this brand's lipstick is the weak, fragile packaging. See how terrible they look? The other one's bullet fell off, yes! I love mocha-licious, it is the perfect nude for me, blends right with the face. 
Cinnamon Spice gave me a surprise! I expected a toned down look but it has a reddish look like most people said! I like their finish but the application is hard, you have to smear it on.

9.Yardley Colour Rush Runway Ruby. I took this from my mom many moons ago and still holding on onto it until I find a replacement, the line got discontinued! I have not seen it ever since! Please help.
New Avon Matte Lippie,
 love love love
19.Yardley eye shadow pallet. This was my graduation make-up kit purchase with a foundation etc,you know how the sales people do. So I kept it ever since, I do play with a smoky every now and then. 

12.MAC Matte Lipstick Smoked Purple (what’s a make-up stash without MAC?) and MAC Lip Pencil Current (Not in the picture) the guy sold me the liner with the lippie I could not resist. But this brand is expensive, hai! I can't, these two will have to last me a lifetime lol. The lipstick lasts and it looks good on, but it is drying! The liner is amazing, I use it with other lippies I have, it just glides on.

13.Calamine Lotion (Don’t ask). Calamine?? lol, I can just imagine the look on your face right this moment. Yes calamine lotion. I stumbled upon an artist and she shared a pot of gold with me right here. I tried it once and was hooked, it works like a charm, go try it! Another benefit is that my skin feels awesome when I wash the make-up off.

14.Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation Almond. I bought this when I was pregnant it seemed to match my then shade, now I lighten it up a little with my concealer and still look good. It is even better with the calamine as a base and lasts all day!

Signature Cosmetics
15.Signature Cosmetics Stick Foundation Caramel. I normally go to this shop to check sales and their cheap perfume dupes for those dry days. I saw this and thought why not, well I should have not lol. It makes me look like a dorito and shiny. If I did not have to severely adjust the shade otherwise I think it would be good.
20.Signature Cosmetics Eye and Lip Pencil Dark Chocolate. Well my daughter broke off the smudge side of the pencil. I bought this for my brows and it is doing them well, it fills in the gaps and blends nicely.

I did this on purpose I had to save this for last, you know what they say!
11.Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick Buttered Rum. I am a little disappointed with the colour of this lipstick, I wish they had real live samples and not those books!
10.Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Wild Cherry. Now speak about love at first site, this is the best thing since MAC! Don't bite me please, if you can afford MAC great, but some of us can get 4 of these beauties with one MAC lipstick price and still flourish! I used this lippie with the MAC liner and they matched. It glides on smoothly and it is matte, does not dry lips, smells lovely. I just re-apply it just nje sometimes! I even got myself two more in the colours Red Supreme and Superb Wine which happened to be the one I fell in love with at the first place. This I most definitely recommend.

This was long, I tried to be as on point as possible. I hope you enjoy it and have a goodest night or day! Until next post, God bless...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

What is in my beauty bag? Part 1 Hair Products

I have been dreading this post for some time out of laziness really. I would like to apologise for missing my post last week, had a change of routine and everything got thrown out of balance a bit or a lot regarding my online presence...
Starting for the back left, Anti-Fungal Spray
I trust that you are doing well, and have had a good weekend and week so long.


What products do I currently have in my possession? What is in my beauty bag? I am going to show you all the products that I use for both my daughter and I, hair, skin and face(makeup). I am gonna try to be as organised as possible.
After all the sorting that I had to do I realised that this post may need to be broken up into parts, and I am going to start with my hair products and give you a bit of a review on them. So without wasting any time lets get into it...

Hair Stash!
Rosemary Anti-fungal Braid Spray- I bought this along with the Hair masque but started using it when I got my braids, eliminate the itch because it was bad. The spray has a bit of an antiseptic scent and it feels like it does some light cleansing on the scalp. It did not get rid of the itching initially as the cause was not fungal related but irritation from the hair installed, however a month later with the braids and the irritation gone the spray seemed to be more effective when I spray  it in the morning and evening every other day. I might keep it.

Smooth N' Shine,
African Pride Growth Oil
Shwarzkopf Smooth ‘N Shine Leave-IN Softener- I bought this out of curiosity and desperation as I was looking for something like a leave-in conditioner at a cheaper price and I bumped into this product checked the ingredients and thought why not. The couple of time I used it left my hair soft but to be honest I kinda stopped using it because of the colour of the cream and it's scent ,yes I don't have other reasons. I do love the DR. Miracles Leave-in  conditioner so I will stick to that,but I still have to finish this one first.

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil- This has been with me from my twa days yes, I have been faithful to this product as it was convenient for me with pre-mixed oils. I like the smell, it is strong but it does not linger, smells very sweet and has protein in it ,a protein oil? Is that possible? I use it as a pre-poo or hot oil treatment and add extra EVOO or castor oil to it. I noticed growth in the early days because I was applying it daily but now not so much. I do think it assists in growth somehow. Until I find another oil I am keeping this one.

Rosemary Original Formula Deep penetrating Masque- I think I love this conditioner, it is a deep conditioner and I mentioned in my wash day that I was sceptical about it but I love it. I can mix it with my protein treatment or other ingredients. I do love a conditioner that I can apply to my scalp and have no irritation at all. It smells amazing, I can't wait for my next wash day-coming this weekend -so that I can mix it all up. I am buying this again hopefully I find it, and I plan on using it as my co-wash.

Rosemary Hair Masque,
Black Pearl Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Black Pearl Enhanced Moisture Sulphate-free  Shampoo- I think this is gonna last me forever cause I just wash my hair once a week and I dilute my shampoo most if not all the time. I like it but it just does not have something, maybe with prolonged use I will find that thing. It's a good shampoo I have had so far.

Tresemme Naturals Conditioner- I bought this because of YouTube, all the natural people on there just swear by this conditioner and I may understand why. The slip is good, so detangling is a breeze and I attest to that. As soon as you apply it some curls develop, and your hair feels very soft before an after . What I have against this is how much it irritates my scalp, I did not realise this until after I stopped putting it in my spritzer and yes the instructions do tell you to apply it along the length of the hair not the scalp. I have noted that! They have discontinued this line so if you still see it in the market it is probably the last bottle.

NexSheen Arganics Outgel This Styling Gel (evoo enriched with argan oil)- I have not seen this gel in any commercial store, so I may have to go back to the store that I bought it at in Parklands. I guess this is my South African ECO Styler gel, it does not flake and has minimum ingredients which do include olive oil and argan oil so it wins for me. It holds pretty well also.

Tresemme Naturals Conditioner,
Styling gel,Jeba Hair Food
Jeba Naturals Hair food- This is my T44Z hair food dupe,they actually smell the same. I don't what is the difference between the two but they look the same as well the formulation as well. And this promises to do the same miracles as the other. I have to admit I have not used it as much because of the petrolatum in it. I occasionally apply it on my edges, been trying to grow them. It also smells nice.

Soil Kenyan Shea Butter (100% pure and organic)- this works as a sealant on my ends, I use it more on my skin than I use it on my hair. I do apply it on my daughters hair as well, it seems to like it. I'm not sure if my hair likes it. The smell of this butter is very earthy, I don't mind it at all, I mixed it with coconut oil and a bit of olive oil to make it a bit softer since it is winter. I like the effect it has on my skin more.

Afro Botanics Repairing and strengthening Treatment- I have noticed the less breakage from the first use of this products as it says on the packaging. I like everything about it, the smell, the texture , the works. Now I understand why my hair needs protein treatment. I do it before long protective styles and after like braids and once a month if I am just wearing my hair.

Dischem Castor Oil – (in the skin care pictures) I just bought this recently for my edges and scalp, so I have not a real review. YouTube inspired me to buy it, a lot of people are testifying by it so I will see my results. 

The next part will be about skin care. Thank you very much for the little support that you are giving me. I hope this was helpful, until next post, God bless...