Friday, 20 May 2016

Routine or not routine

As I explore the YouTube and the blogosphere looking for tips on how to better care for my mane, all you see is ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE written everywhere!

Why am I struggling with this?

Hey, that was very dramatic but really I don't have this routine thing quite on lock down yet or ever I am not sure. Here is what my typical hair "routine" looks like:

  • I spritz my hair everyday(morning and night) with a homemade DIY spritzer or just still water sometimes
  • Then I apply coconut oil or shea butter
  • wrap with satin scarf(newly bought :D)
  • I do protein treatment once a month, mostly after/before a protective style

And this is when I am on my good girl week. I go with what my hair feels like honestly. 
For this past month I have been trying to crack this weekly deep conditioning regimen and it has been going well only because I have to wash my hair every week or it gets itchy a lot.
And then there is a mid week co wash that I fail to do. I have probably done it once and it helped me prolong the cleanliness on my scalp, so I still need to work on keeping up with this one but with the spritzing I do not feel the need to do it.
My routine not so routine is going with how my hair feels, if my scalp is itching terribly I am due for a shampoo wash and when it's dry I spritz especially now in the cold weather. If it is summer I spritz once a day(night).
I do wish I had tight a routine to help with those lazy days or days when I don't know what to do next.

This was relatively small post, hopefully I will upload another one soon, thank you for reading. 
Until the next post, God bless...

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