Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wigging it!

This Afro wig?? YES!
I don't know where to start with this. My fro wig gave me an inspiration to write this post. And yes to those whom I may have not admitted that it is a wig please don't give me a stare down.

So yeah that is a wig that I made myself with Marley hair and a wig net, got a tutorial from YouTube, just like almost every other thing I do to my hair and took to the challenge.

I received a lot of compliments with this unit, a lot of people thought it was my actual hair(I will give props to the Marley hair for that) and I would have to sadly say 'no it's not I got my hair done' -_-. I bought the Marley hair in Bellville for those who live in Cape Town, I bought this hair because I wanted a match with my actual hair. The wig only lasted me 2 weeks because I don't know how to style or take care of the hair, I am sorry I don't have pictures of week 2 that is when I did a braid out on it , I was not impressed with it though. 
When I wore the wig I completely covered my hair and had no leave outs except for showing a bit of my hairline on the part. Another thing I loved about this is that my hair and scalp could still breath.

I tried to
style it
My second wig I bought on BidOrBuy, my first official wig so to speak. It is my run to when I am lazy to style my hair over the weekend and at the moment it is hiding my hair from the winter. It gives me a Caucasian look if I am allowed to say that. I am looking for ways to give it curls but at the same time I am scared to ruin it, I found it at a fairly cheap price(R 150). 
What I have noticed with this one is that it takes time for this type of wigs to take a shape of your head and for you to grow into it and you learn to style it according to your preference with time.

I have always been afraid to wear a wig because it would be assumed that it is only for grandmas who love things and still want to look grand, this is according to my experience. Or it is also assumed that you only get a wig when you have hair problems(balding,illness, etc). I think my next one will be a pixie cut ,short hairstyles suit me better.

Becky with good
hair lol
My pro about wearing wigs is that you get to co-wash your hair during the week and better for those who are on a w-o-w method. I am trying to incorporate that in my "routine". It is also easy to moisturise your hair everyday because you have full access to it.

What do you think about wigs? Please give some advice on how to take care of the Marley hair.

Until the next post, God bless...

Friday, 20 May 2016

Routine or not routine

As I explore the YouTube and the blogosphere looking for tips on how to better care for my mane, all you see is ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE written everywhere!

Why am I struggling with this?

Hey, that was very dramatic but really I don't have this routine thing quite on lock down yet or ever I am not sure. Here is what my typical hair "routine" looks like:

  • I spritz my hair everyday(morning and night) with a homemade DIY spritzer or just still water sometimes
  • Then I apply coconut oil or shea butter
  • wrap with satin scarf(newly bought :D)
  • I do protein treatment once a month, mostly after/before a protective style

And this is when I am on my good girl week. I go with what my hair feels like honestly. 
For this past month I have been trying to crack this weekly deep conditioning regimen and it has been going well only because I have to wash my hair every week or it gets itchy a lot.
And then there is a mid week co wash that I fail to do. I have probably done it once and it helped me prolong the cleanliness on my scalp, so I still need to work on keeping up with this one but with the spritzing I do not feel the need to do it.
My routine not so routine is going with how my hair feels, if my scalp is itching terribly I am due for a shampoo wash and when it's dry I spritz especially now in the cold weather. If it is summer I spritz once a day(night).
I do wish I had tight a routine to help with those lazy days or days when I don't know what to do next.

This was relatively small post, hopefully I will upload another one soon, thank you for reading. 
Until the next post, God bless...

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Wash day!!

Crochet braids on right. 
And the take down on the left
(dry looking hair I know)
Hey you,

Yes my first official post is the "wash day" I don't see why not. I get to share how my not-so special wash day looks like.
I had crochet braids on for 3 weeks and my scalp was becoming very itchy so I decided to take them down and thus wash day. And this was an opportunity for me to take pictures of certain steps I take while preparing and washing my hair.

I have notice that my hair does not like to be hidden for long no matter how much I try to keep it moisturised, that's another topic on it's own. 
After taking my braids down I started to unravel my corn row and de-tangle the hair by each row which was a breeze unlike taking them all down and de-tangling the whole head after.

The products that I usually use, 
some more than others.
These are the products I used on this wash day.

  • Tresemme Naturals Conditioner (detangling,prepoo)(Pick n Pay)
  • African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil(prepoo)(Clicks)
  • AfroBotanic Black Pearl Shampoo(Game)
  • Original Formula Deep Penetrating Rosemary Hair Masque (dc)(Spar,r14.99)
  • Dr. Miracles Leave In Conditioner(Clicks)

I de-tangled using Tresemme Naturals Conditioner which made the hair slippery and moisturising. Being very lazy to wash my hair past midnight(don't ask), I left my hair as is and applied the oil on top of the conditioner put on a plastic bag and left it over night. 
Prepoo with my
 pnp plastic
(you can never go 
wrong with that)

I washed my hair the next morning with the shampoo , it did not dry my hair out at all thanks to the prepoo . I then deep conditioned with the hair masque,it smell like pudding FYI. I must say I was nervous using it on my hair, it was my first time and the results were good, the smell lasts on your hair. 

I applied the masque with a bit of coconut oil, put on my plastic bag and wrapped a hot towel on top of it then covered with my shower cap. I left it on for about 15-20 minutes, the bottle says 10 minutes or more and rinsed my hair. I towel dried it and then applied the leave in conditioner, blow dried using the tension method and I was done!

I sleep with my hair in chunky twists to keep it stretched. Yes proper wash days are very long but I think they provide your hair a lot of tlc, this is not my usual routine I was trying something new. I am busy editing the video for this post so stay tune.

Thank you for reading my long wash day, I hope you enjoyed it, don't forget to comment. Until the next post God bless...

Shedding before washing.
breakfast as the 
masque does the job
my hair did a lot shedding,
 this is after the wash